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Thread: diff from us sr20 and jap sr20

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2010-11-19 05:15:04
diff from us sr20 and jap sr20
just seeing if theres anyway to find out if i have a us sr20 or jap sr20det car does have a turbo is there anyway to find this out WITHOUT TAKING HEAD OFF OR TAKING MOTOR APART if so let me know thanks
2010-11-19 06:07:27
If it is a true DET it would have to be JDM.. Correct me if I'm wrong guys, as I'm pretty noob to Nissans still, but I was under the impression that all DETs were JDM.
2010-11-19 06:51:28
easy way to tell, EGR=USDM. Non-EGR=JDM

But really why does it matter either way? Half a point of compression is about all you gain on a jdm sr if i remember correctly.
2010-11-19 07:11:06
DE+T is any SR20DE engine (USDM, UKDM, JDM) with the addition of a turbo.

Now a DET is a factory turbocharged engine, which is JDM only (and therefore no EGR).
2010-11-19 07:21:47
Avenir (JDM) SR20DETs have 8.5:1 CR, USDM SR20DEs have 9.5:1 CR.

SR20DETs have piston oil squirters, SR20DEs do not.

USDM SR20DEs have a factory EGR system, JDM SR20DETs do not.

Is the oil return for the turbo cast into the block, or was it drilled/tapped?
2010-11-19 08:04:09
DET's also have the sodium filled exhaust valves IIRC. I'd say the passages are cast but the feed/return and drilled and tapped.
2010-11-19 14:03:11

Though that sounds like they are talking about the RWD DET's.
2010-11-19 21:03:00
yes, they are talking about the RWD one when they are referring tot he crank pulley. Also, the direct ignition is only on newer generation DETs, like S14s and S15s.
The compression ratio they bring up (8.3:1) is the GTi-R's compression. USDMs are 9.5:1 and UKDM DEs are 10:1.
2010-11-22 18:45:09
So... What about EDM SR20DE's without EGR?
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