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Thread: Jwt Pressure Plate

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2010-11-04 14:53:31
Jwt Pressure Plate
Anyone using one? Hows the pedal feel with it? Any problems with it?

Just asking because Im pretty sure my clutch isnt going to last much longer. I was thinking about the jwt plate with the nismo triangle disc from gspec.
2010-11-04 14:54:41
JWT PP has been a dream to own.

Triangle disc?
2010-11-04 14:56:34
Nismo Clutch Disc 2.0, Nismo Clutch Disc Sprung center and composite lining. Requires OE throwout bearing.
2010-11-04 14:59:45
Oh okay I was just making sure it wasn't the full-face on on side and 8 puck metallic on the other side (the pucks are triangular shaped). That disc design is flawed. Vadim showed me the way.

3-puck (tiny pucks at that!) is gunna be ultra grabby, but I assume you know that.
2010-11-04 15:08:43
Hmmmm I didnt think about that. Well, Im looking for a disc that holds say 250 ft lbs. But it cant be too harsh as I have a stock b14 tranny still.
2010-11-04 15:21:07
B15 disc. Done.

That Nismo unit looks like it's meant for the 400-600 ft. lb. range depending on puck material. If not then it's just a useless design.
2010-11-04 15:31:24
What Ben said is most agreeable with me.

I have had the B15 clutch and PP for over 6 years of constant abuse, many drag strip launches, lots of daily driver beating and the sucker still chirps in 2nd and sometimes in 3rd. Just like the day I installed it, 6 years ago. Sure I have not been putting down a shit ton of power, but still, the clutch has held up very nicely in those past years.
2010-11-04 17:14:24
My buddys nx has had the same jwt pp and street/strip disk for 3 years of turbo abuse. Never a sign of problems. Pedal is comparable with the ACT HD maybe a little less. Smooth as hell engagement and yeah it holds the power no problem.

My buddy with his ve 200sx is ditching his 7 year old ACT HD PP and 6 puck for a JWT PP w a B15 disk.
2010-11-04 17:21:31
Hey guys now that were on clutch talk, Im in the middle of a DET swap.. Do you think my clutch would be up to the task of some drag racing on slicks? It worked fine on slicks NA without a hiccup ever..

B15 Disk w/JWT PP ( 140WHP worked perfect )

Will this be suffiecient for my new DET setup that will prob be 12lbs on hi-boost 225WHP or so.

If not ill order a new clutch but my current clutch is in good shape.

2010-11-04 17:26:52
It wil be fine.
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