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Thread: Bad cams after 1000 miles

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2010-10-23 21:57:59
Bad cams after 1000 miles
Look at this. Bad cams after 1000 miles. No over rev conditions, no misshifts, good oil pressure and no oillines clogged.

Thats my second set of camshafts. First set (HKS) had roughly the same wear.

What is wrong with that sh..?

2010-10-23 22:07:26
im no expert but

id swap that oil line something isnt letting oil flow
2010-10-24 00:49:27
What are you torqueing the cam caps to? What condition are rocker arms in? What

clearances are you setting them to? Did your first set look just like those?

2010-10-24 01:39:06
????? And just to assure those cams are for gti-r motors right and not de-t. Looks like no enough lubrication
2010-10-24 02:57:10
Definatly not enough lube I am wondering what the bottom end looks like. If it looks fine it has to be an oil passage in the head or the tubes that oil the cams that were known to clog. Do you have an oil pressure gague?
2010-10-25 13:00:21
Hm. These oiling tubes over the cams are new, also rocker arms. So 1000 miles.
Yes, its a GTI-R. Clearances ~0,15mm. First set of camset had roughly the same wear, but that was with my old engine before rebuild.

Rebuild includes:
- new pistons
- new rods, acl main and rod bearings
- new camshafts(tomei), rocker arms, tubes
- new oil pump

Oil pressure cold: ~87 psi at idle, oil pressure warm: 25 psi at idle, max. ~ 55 psi at revs.
Sounds like a clogged oil drilling line on the intake side, I know. But, when I remove the oil cap after the engine was started, the cams wetted with fresh oil.

It´s time to disassemble the engine once again. FU.. !!!!!
2010-10-26 15:11:52
You may just need a shim service...

If the shims are wore or out of spec you will get that kind of wear real fast.
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