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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-05-05 12:40:06
You probably wont break a gearstack with that oil. Like I said the cusioning properties of it are outstanding without giving up driveability. I think once you drive it some more you will get used to the notchy gears. I did to the point you dont even recognize it anymore. Im glad you got it all completed and are happy with it. I was happy to help man. Anytime. Later down the road i might order another axle to try and find out which year you need for the matching spline count. im thinking 02 ser non spec v.
2011-05-08 06:40:13
got 300 miles on it now, and the grinding and notchiness has pretty much gone away completely. I tried to get it to grind today, but it only hit 2nd one time this morning before the gear oil was warmed up. Other than that, not a single problem. Perhaps the transmission sychros got a little bit of corrosion on them or something. All is well now though and I am really loving the gearbox.

I thought the gates would feel vague for the transmission but they actually feel pretty nice. The only gear that feels kinda funny is reverse. It goes into gear, but the lever doesn't seem to move as far as the others when engaging reverse.

The clutch feels awesome. Hell, the swap seems worth it just for the clutch. I couldn't hold a 6 puck sprung in my car with the regular SR clutch. It just wouldn't hold. This thing feels awesome and is smooth. The sintered iron disk in the old clutch was harsh but unrelenting. It would hold everything I threw at it and would only slip on the shift when pushing really high boost. This thing feels strong as hell though. I'm chirpin' 3rd a lot easier than I thought I would, because it feels really meaty. The engagement isn't harsh though. If the springs don't pop out, this will probably be the best clutch I've ever had.

I have been driving the car every chance I get and it feels great. I have a new electronic boost controller I am going to put in and see how 14psi feels. Maybe when I get some 100 octane I'll do some pulls on 20psi and see how she does. But I am stoked. Looks like new tires will be needed sooner than I thought though. Pretty much just need tires and an alignment and the car is perfect.
2011-05-08 14:24:52
Telling you, the Valvoline 85w140 is awesome stuff for both this trans and even the old 5 speeds. It might be luck but like i said once i switched to it i had yet to sheer teeth off the gearstack. And i had a lot of miles on that last set of stacks. Before that i broke 3 stacks within 2 months and then switched to the valvoline on the 4th set and it went 6 months and about 6k miles and hadnt broken and i had more abuse on that set than the last. It works man. A lot of people on here think i just talk out my ass but when there is proven facts that this oil works great and people blatantly ignore it, thats what gets me a little pissed. hahaha.

Glad your enjoying the car. I cant wait to get back to the states and get my car up and running with the vvl head and precision turbo.
2011-05-08 18:59:36
Subscribed, to read this whole thing through as soon as I get a chance.
2011-05-12 07:38:22
Well guys, 400 miles on this thing and it is doing great. The HLSD works like a charm. But I do have one question.

Changing from the stock SEL wheels, to the 57c wheels, the offset has changed a bit. Now I notice that there has been a substantial increase in torque steer. Its not unmanageable by any means, but I am curious to the change.

Now you feel the LSD kick in, and it is more abrupt under cornering. You definitely have to hang on to the wheel. Now when going straight, there is no real torque steer that I notice. But when cornering under boost you feel the steering wheel and the lsd working. When making corrections with steering inputs while under throttle, that is when you notice that things are working against you. It is quite fun, but the old setup was more manageable. On the track with big boost, this could tire me out wrestling the car around each corner. I'm only on 10psi right now

So I am curious what is really causing the increase in torque steer. Is it the LSD? Or the difference in wheels? The wheels went further positive on offset I think. The stock SER wheels are a +40, and the Spec V wheels I have now are a +47. This should decrease torque steer if anything.

Any thoughts?
2011-05-12 09:57:18
Did you get an alignment yet ? If so, what were the numbers like for camber and toe.

Do you have the whiteline (or similar) caster bushes installed?
2011-05-12 17:10:23
I am actually going to get the car aligned in a couple hours. I will scan the results I get and post them up.

I do not have castor bushings installed... yet. The suspension tuning begins this year. I plan on getting sway bars and a bushing kit for the control arms. New ball joints. And possibly having some parts powder coated just for a nice look.
2011-05-12 17:56:34
At 8800rpm
1st 52mph
2nd 84mph
3rd 117mph
4th 154mph
5th 201mph
6th 242mph
with a 25.7" tire.

That is just nuts.
2011-05-12 19:16:31
Somehow those numbers aren't right. 1st only gets me to 45mph. 2nd is only about 70 maybe 75mph.
2011-05-12 20:43:18
yeah, i was also reving to about 8700, 1st got me to about 45, 2nd to 73 or so, 3rd to 106-107, 4th to 132 or so, 5th, havent topped out yet but i was well over 160 and was only at about 7500. It was hard to tell because i was pounding the rev limiter accelerating. haha
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