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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-05-03 22:29:37
You still have to cut out the subframe on a b13. Not as much. There is the lip that looks like a pinch weld on the subframe. You have to cut that off where the diff sits. I cut more than necessary on mine just to be safe.
2011-05-03 22:32:09

2011-05-03 22:37:39
And thats HLSD for ya. haha, nice
2011-05-03 22:38:40
Hlsd is gooooooddd!!!!!!!
2011-05-03 22:41:01
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Can you snap some pictures of the clutch pedal spacer ordeal?

I sandwiched some thick washers in between the clutch pedal and the master cylinder. The master has the studs that go through the clutch pedal, then 2 nuts hold it on. I put about 3/8" of washers in there, but it actually would be best if you didn't cut the spacers off the clutch pedal to begin with. My pedal sits level with the 3/8" worth of washers in there.
2011-05-03 23:39:11
Ive been waiting patiently for this to be complete, now it time for me to finish the rest of the 6spd parts list.there no holding back know for me!
you have made your mark!(last pic) LOL!
Sweet Ride Man! sweet Ride! Great job!
WIN! WIN! Win!
2011-05-03 23:45:09

2011-05-04 01:26:24
Originally Posted by Coheed
Oh, and I thought I would add, the car needs a slight alignment. But the difference in clutch is amazing. You really notice the larger diameter! But the thing I was not expecting, is the full-out lock on the differential. When you get on it hard, you feel it lock immediately! The effects are very apparent, and the only thing that seems to have gotten worse is the torque steer.

Perhaps the alignment will fix that, but on 10psi the torque steer was a lot more noticeable than the VLSD. The VLSD felt very gradual, and smooth. This HLSD doesn't mess around though. I'll post the 2 thick black burnout marks I left in the parking lot later. But the HLSD feels amazing.

I'd also like to add that the HLSD is quite amazing. I've drove multiple cars with LSD's and this one is by far the best. It really helps keep the planted and especially with a little bit of power (tq) behind it. It makes driving the car fuuuun!!
2011-05-04 05:09:56
Took the car out for a spin, and I still can't figure out the notchy trans issue. It will chatter gears on the shift (mild grind) but only if I shift very slowly. Almost like the clutch is not released all the way, but it is. If the car is on stands, the wheels don't move at all until the clutch is released, so I know the clutch is adjusted properly.

I am thinking it could possibly be an issue with the cables, or the fluid is too thick. But others have run the heavy shockproof in these transmissions without issues. The transmission showed hardly any signs of wear on the synchros when I took it apart. I just can't find out why it would grind when shifting slow, but do just fine when shifting a little quicker. The solution could be to shift faster, but I really want to find out what is causing the issue. I'm not feeling very good about the shifter cables... I fixed them up pretty good, but perhaps they are too beat up to be useable.
2011-05-04 05:13:00
did you reuse the old gear oil? maybe it has dirt/dust in it?
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