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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-05-02 12:52:05
How bout the HLSD, do you notice the grip different. Also i would try a little lighter gear oil if your running straight Shockproof. Give the 85w140 a try, its cheap. No synthetic just the standard 85w140 valvoline gear oil. Save your shockproof so that if you dont like it you can put it back in if your concerned about wasting it. Give it a shot and tell me what you think.
2011-05-03 02:27:06
will it work with the trans correctly? Any additives required? What about the GL4 status? Still yellow metals in this trans.
2011-05-03 03:16:19
A Big W !
DANG! I love sleepers! Great job Man..WIN all the way!!
2011-05-03 04:08:36
You dont need any additives. I cant remember if it has a GL4 rating but i think i remember seeing it on there. Again I had no issues with it and it made the shifts feel soo nice. They should be as your describing them. Just like i ran the same gear oil on our b13 trans and I say this in all honesty. After switching to it I had yet to break a b13 trans. And you know what i was putting down as far as power goes. You can feel the cusion difference but yet it still made shifts smooth as silk. Both on the b13 trans and the spec V trans. Give it a shot and see if it improves your shifting and get back with me.
2011-05-03 04:52:40
Sweet man, I will def have to try it out. Here are a couple videos from Luke. You can see how fast the turbo responds in these videos. It is instant boost. No brake-boosting required.

Six speed swap II video by Skywank3r - Photobucket

Six speed swap test video by Skywank3r - Photobucket

Of course, videos are only 10psi with retarded timing. The intercooler was filled with water...sorta. I didn't want to play with any more boost until the clutch is broken in and the car is more finished. The intercooler had to be mounted slightly differently, and the lines don't match up very well now. The battery moved as well. So still a few things left to do. But the hard stuff is done!
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2011-05-03 04:56:19
Oh, and I thought I would add, the car needs a slight alignment. But the difference in clutch is amazing. You really notice the larger diameter! But the thing I was not expecting, is the full-out lock on the differential. When you get on it hard, you feel it lock immediately! The effects are very apparent, and the only thing that seems to have gotten worse is the torque steer.

Perhaps the alignment will fix that, but on 10psi the torque steer was a lot more noticeable than the VLSD. The VLSD felt very gradual, and smooth. This HLSD doesn't mess around though. I'll post the 2 thick black burnout marks I left in the parking lot later. But the HLSD feels amazing.
2011-05-03 05:04:04
I hope there is no grinding needed on the subframe for B13's
2011-05-03 10:40:11
I've talked with ashton, and there is no cutting on the B13. The B14 seems to be the only one affected, which makes the B14 the hardest one to swap as far as that goes. The steel is very hard and thick, and cutting takes a little while. Learn from my mistakes, cut when the trans is out of the car lol.

I should also add that I used spacers for my clutch pedal. If you use the B15 pedal, I suggest you keep the spacers on the pedal and remove the other spacer from the firewall. It makes it easier to make clutch adjustments and gives you a little more throw on the clutch. To adjust the clutch pedal you will need 2 things to make your life a lot easier.

12mm swivel-head line wrench
long nose pliers with a 90* tip.

The pedal assembly is a little harder to work with than the P11 pedal, and the working space is a little tight.
2011-05-03 22:08:33
Getting the IC reservoir mounted, getting the battery worked out, and fixing the trans mount. The IC hits the trans now because the housing is so dang big lol. So I have to try and make a bumper between the parts to prevent them from rubbing each other the wrong way

If I get everything done today, I will be driving to work tomorrow. I will post pics of what I had to cut out, and the finished product very soon. Just gotta find my dang camera.
2011-05-03 22:10:33
Can you snap some pictures of the clutch pedal spacer ordeal?
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