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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-03-10 06:07:50
definitely need to get another oem spec V axle. Yours are not even close. Those are huge compared and are like 40 splines, lol. I got my axles oem and both are 25 spline axles and very close to the same diameters.
2011-03-10 06:08:25
wow, my macro on my cam sucks. Anyway, you can see why my stuff won't fit. Looks like I need a REAL OEM passenger side axle, none of this reman BS. I think they are using ALTIMA sub-shafts and their own outer joints to make this work. It is obvious the outer joint on the reman is brand new.

If your axle looks like this cage, and look closely at the protruded metal toward the center of the cage, then it is WRONG.

Axle cage should be smooth, like this OEM one.
2011-03-10 07:24:40
Okay, so I’ve been following this tread off and on and just wanted to ask a something (mainly for the readers) if you don’t mind:

If I recall correctly you are going this route (trying to get CV joints with the Spec V inners and B13/14 outer) to preserve you’re BBK, correct? The alternative being you just swap over the B15 spindles and use some type of break setup that works for the B15 (stock, any 300z setup, 240sx setup, or the nice brembo setup on the ‘04+) and either doing a 4x114 swap in the rear or getting the B15 hubs redrilled to 4x100. My question is: do you find it worth it at this point with all the effort placed into it, or would you recommend it to others (both in difficulty and monetarily speaking)?

I just ask/bring this up for two reasons: a) I don’t want readers that see this thinking it’s the only option; b) I was just wondering what the estimated cost was to go this route (not counting of course all the R&D you’ve had to put into this).

That said, I think it’s awesome your going a different route to keep a lower unsprung weight and a setup that works for you. I hope you get it all figured out man!
2011-03-10 15:27:56
I believe coheed is doing it to keep his current brakes and wheels which is the same reason I did mine. Yes the alternative way would be to swap to b15 hubs and brakes or upgrade to some brembos or 300zx brakes.

Its cheaper to go this route by far. The hardest part was figuring it all out on what needed to go where.

In a recap of things its looking like you need to have oem nissan b13 or b14 outer cv's to go onto the end of OEM spec v axles. The passenger one is not gonna fit on smoothly as the slight size and spline difference but it will go on and shouldnt have problems down the road. The driver side axle is cake as the spec v inner and outer cv joints are identical to those of the b13 and b14 oem axles. So swap either one and its good to go.

I did mine without much hastle or cost. I had one oem nissan b13 axle, spent $15 on another oem b13 outer cv joint, $35 on an OEM spec v driver side, $40 on an OEM spec V passenger side axle. So yeah to me it was well worth it as I would have been looking to purchase a new set of wheels or spend money and have the hubs redrilled and bore out the centers of the wheels i had, buy new hubs and brakes from a b15, and so on. So yes the cost once this is all figured out is much much cheaper to try and keep your setup you have.
2011-03-10 15:43:41
Okay, just wondering. For the record, when I did mine (going the hub swap route) I got my spindles from a yard for $25ish each (any B15 works) and had the hubs redrilled for 4x100 for $40 at a local machine shop. The CVs were around the same price anyone can get them at. I already luckily had rims that cleared the brembo setup (but could have gone the stock B15 setup for a time if needed and then gone the budget route of the 300z big nissan brake setup). So yea, about a $100 difference for sure. I just didn't know how easy it was to go this route seeing we are 17 pages into it and still trying to get it exactly right. Thank you so much though for the information! We all know people in the future (when they don't search and we have to post up a link to this post) will be very thankful for this information!
2011-03-10 17:13:35
i dont want to do the b15 spindles b/c id have to re-bore my wheels out to fit them as well as the other stuff mentioned.
2011-03-10 18:41:43
The axle swap deal is much easier than it sounds and takes about 1 hour to make a setup that works correctly... provided you have the right parts!

So that's why there is all the trouble going through with this and when it is all said and done, my how-to will reflect each route and what you need to get to make it happen.

B15 spindles redrilled is a good route to go. The stock Brembo setup is great, but the cost of new wheels, brakes, etc is a lot more than buying $100 worth of axle parts. Not to mention when it is all said and done, this SE-L will look stock. Not something a lot of guys here like, but I don't like the added attention that 500whp doesn't already get.
2011-03-12 04:58:56
Got a OEM axle from a junkyard on the way for $50 with grade A rating. It will be here monday and I will let you guys know what I find.
2011-03-14 05:01:43
All the mounts are done and the trans is ready to go in, but alas... another problem. Greg let me know that the 1 generation of flywheels built do not work with some of the starters. The nose-cone of the starter interferes with the flywheel a bit. You have to use the Hitachi starter without the nose-cone to have clearance. The problem is... I can't fine a starter. All the Hitachi starters I find are actually Mitsu starters. Grrrr. So I guess I could try grinding on my starter, or pay to have some metal cut out of the flywheel.

I have an axle coming tomorrow so I should be able to get the axles figured out. Today I drilled the hole for the crank sensor and tinkered with the clutch pedal for a bit. Weather permitting, I hope to be able to get this car running within 2 months.

We are slowly working through all the kinks of getting this swap figured out, paving the way for others to have a much easier job doing it. The cost invested is likely worth it the first year... provided it holds up. Besides Ashton and Myself, who is going this route?
2011-03-14 05:03:59
Things I still need for the swap.

Passenger side axle made.
Clutch pedal mounted.
Slave cylinder, still waiting for it...
Hydraulic line.

If I had all the parts I would just do it all tomorrow and skip work lol.
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