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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-01-11 06:20:55
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
I dont doubt that Marty knows his stuff. To own a popular aftermarket axle company you really have to. But he obviously doesnt know everything. haha

But we cant expect that either.

However to say something cant be done when it was obviously done without any type of modification at all doesnt help either. He could have just said he didnt know if there was a way to make it work or something but hey the guessing is over now. Maybe once this thread is all done it can be cleaned up and posted up as a How To for the 6 speed swap. Its got a ton of great info in here. Coheed, i still want to see your shifter mounted up if you have that done already. I dont recall seeing any pics.

You are totally correct. He is just one of those older stubborn types. I'm just thinking that if you guys can come up with the right formula, I may be able to present it to him in person, to make sets for us or something. I am still trying to wrap my head around everything you guys have figured out already, so I may be way off base here.
2011-01-11 06:31:12
Well conclusion is and again ill verify tomorrow when i get my driver side spec V axle that again the SR20 axle outer CV's directly swap onto the Spec V axle shafts.

And just for aftermarket vs oem comparison the outer CV of the other SR20 axle i have is from an autozone axle. So again as long as they didnt change the actual spline count and joint and so on they should swap right over as well.

I should have my other axle in tomorrow and joints swapped over and measurements taken. Ill update then.
2011-01-11 06:36:00
What would be useful for us for those doing this swap is some upgraded stronger outer SR20 CV's to install onto the Spec V shafts. Cuz the Spec V axle shaft from the transmission all the way up to just before the outer CV is huge. But then it still necks down to the same size as the regular SR20 axles so if its gonna break its gonna break there at the hub. We need some stronger outer joints and splines for the stock b13/b14 hubs. With that i think we would have axles capable of withstanding some rediculous launches and 600+whp easy. To the point my dead hook on the slicks that broke the axle before would no longer break it and would have broke the slick loose instead.
2011-01-18 21:14:18
What clutch do you use when doing P12 bellhousing from what car?

I saw maxwothrz flywheel says 215mm but don't say which clutch to order on there forum
2011-01-18 22:10:16
Greg V makes the flywheel and clutch kit that uses a 225mm KA24 240sx clutch kit.
2011-01-18 22:10:50
Their (Mazworx) flywheel should work with the stock 215mm clutch. You can use what ever clutch you want that is native on the car.

^ bigger is better
2011-01-19 04:42:56
Ohh okay im going to check gregv
2011-01-19 06:09:13
i wanna see some power go to these trannys before i invest. I know 3 spec v that destroyed these trannys i dont know how they where driving and know they arent putting down what i am
2011-01-19 17:30:29
Im going to do mine just for the 6 speed
2011-01-22 05:36:51
Originally Posted by Bahamassr20
i wanna see some power go to these trannys before i invest. I know 3 spec v that destroyed these trannys i dont know how they where driving and know they arent putting down what i am

How much power were they making? What broke? What gear oil?

I only ask these questions because under my measurements the RS6 looks to be stronger in nearly every gear. Shaft flex looks like it is Greatly reduced compared to even the P11 set. Also, gear oil plays a huge role in how long a transmission will last.

Most Maxima guys running the RS6 don't break them until over 500hp. Unfortunately these guys are few and far between. There's like 3 maximas making that much power. But, they do it on larger engines, more torque, and much heavier cars.

I can see this transmission breaking, but not without being seriously hammered on by an idiot. I plan to be that idiot some day.

If a gear breaks on this thing it will probably be a higher gear like 5th or 6th. 1-4 look to handle quite a bit of power.
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