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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-01-08 05:28:41
I just did mine and there isnt much to replace inside. Just grease if the ball bearings are not scarred. You could probably get new clips if yours are gnarly but other than that its pretty straight forward. Obviously you need new boots and the rings that hold them on.
2011-01-08 05:37:58
Check the outer cv cup for grooves. If you see grooves where the ball bearings ride, then you will need to get a new outer cup. The grooves are what make the notorious popping noise you get when the CV axle runs out of grease.
2011-01-08 05:45:02
im guessing gregv is where you guys get any bearings or cups if you need them?
2011-01-08 14:08:09
I don't think he can get them, but it would be worth a shot. In the aftermarket, the cups are only $2-4. From the dealer, they would prob want $100+ lol.
2011-01-10 04:51:29
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
No, not the GA axles Coheed. The SR20 axle outer CV joints are the same. The GA ones have a smaller input into the outer cv joint.

Dont confuse them. They all use a very similar outer joint style just like most cars do but the spline count and size is different. Again B13/B14 SR20 axles and Spec V axles share the same outer CV joint spline count and size and can be swapped.

You are using the SR20 axle outers for the spec V axles? Interesting. The FSM says the SR axles use a Bf83 style outer and the SpecV, QG, and GA axles all share the ZF90 style outer.

But this is still kinda annoying that when I called Marty at Raxles he said it couldn't be done... even though he's done it before for a few customers. He just said that he couldn't figure it out.

I have a set of SR axles here, but Spec axles are something ive been holding off on. The SR axles i've been using are Cardone brand, and I've had them for years. But I don't know if they have changed the splines from the factory ones.

Any chance the whole cage assembly from the Spec axle will still fit in the cup of the SR outer?
2011-01-10 15:25:49
Dont know. Its possible the inner joint could be the same as well but I didnt take it apart to see. But just looking at them the inner joint is pretty close to the same size on the outside diameter and i know the inner is the same type of design.

All I know is the SR outer fit onto the Spec V outer. If its an aftermarket axle i doubt they changed spline design on ya as they usually refurbish them and cut them to the same spline specs. I have an aftermarket autozone axle that im gonna use the outer joint on for the driver side axle. I should get my specV driver side axle today. So ill let you know how it goes and take some pics and measurements.
2011-01-11 05:17:06
Ya definitely keep us posted ashton, and thanks for your work and time with this project. We all can appreciate it.
2011-01-11 05:51:18
Originally Posted by Coheed

But this is still kinda annoying that when I called Marty at Raxles he said it couldn't be done... even though he's done it before for a few customers. He just said that he couldn't figure it out.

Marty knows his stuff. I live about 10 minutes from Raxles, if you guys are ever trying to set up a group buy or something from them, lmk.
2011-01-11 06:14:52
I dont doubt that Marty knows his stuff. To own a popular aftermarket axle company you really have to. But he obviously doesnt know everything. haha

But we cant expect that either.

However to say something cant be done when it was obviously done without any type of modification at all doesnt help either. He could have just said he didnt know if there was a way to make it work or something but hey the guessing is over now. Maybe once this thread is all done it can be cleaned up and posted up as a How To for the 6 speed swap. Its got a ton of great info in here. Coheed, i still want to see your shifter mounted up if you have that done already. I dont recall seeing any pics.
2011-01-11 06:17:47
Your guys' pictures are definitely going to help me with my swap
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