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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-12-14 13:14:38
you can swap in a hlsd
2010-12-14 14:37:26
Lol, then you might as well have gone all the way to change the bell housing. haha. Its not that much more work to do that.
2010-12-14 14:59:51
lol yeah,
Miko said it was easier to do just the lsd than swapping the gear stacks.
2010-12-14 15:48:22
LOL when I read that I thought the same thing Ashton! Pick your poison lsd swap or bellhousing swap...
2010-12-14 20:51:35
Don't you have to remove the stacks to get diff out in order to install the LSD?
2010-12-16 21:24:30
you will need to completely tear down the trans to get the diff out to install an LSD. But you have some other benefits to running the p12 trans. For one, you don't need an LSD right this second lol. You can always add it later. Secondly, the gearing is shorter in the p12 unit, so it may be beneficial to some.

Tearing into the trans is a little daunting at first, which is why I took extensive pics of the process. Still, there are some hiccups you'll run into when tearing things apart. Experience will make things a lot easier.
2011-01-03 11:44:31
any updates?
2011-01-03 18:29:56
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
There is two ways to go. Either find a 13" wheel that will clear the b15 brakes or just get new slicks for the 15" wheel.

this is impossible. 15s had maybe 1'' of clearance between the b15 front brakes. your gonna have to machine shop something to get smaller brakes, or go with 15'' slicks. you might be able to get 14s on there if you shave the caliber. key word is might.
2011-01-05 01:16:14
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
With a good offset wheel the brembos might, but the the b15 stockies should clear no problem. I dont think they are much bigger than the ad22's and 15" wheels clear those without problems at all. Not even close to hitting.

The one time i hit 180+ i just coasted back down to 100mph and then hit the brakes. It was on a brand new 2 lane highway with miles and miles of empty flat stretch of road. But if for some reason i really had to hit my brakes at that speed the would be nothing left. My pads lasted a whole 3 months from braking from 130mph on multiple occasions on the street and on the track.

I did hit 160+ and hit the brakes and they went into fade real quick. What im gonna do is see if the b13 caliper bracket bolts up to the b15 hub and if so i can probably use the g20 rotor or just have the hubs drilled to 4X100 and then use the b13 rotor.

Its up for debate right now. Ill see how it goes i guess.

...I have B15 knuckles, also have the brembos, also have the B15 SE-R caliper, and the B13 knuckles and caliper... here is what I find.

B15 caliper does not bolt up to B13 at all
G20 will bolt to B15 knuckle
B15 caliper can be used on G20
Spec V Brembo can be used on any B15 knuckle, as well as any year G20 knuckle.
B13 knuckle does not allow any G20 brake to fit without the caliper bracket

Oh and also I had a complete Spec V 6spd setup for $500 and not a single person even blinked at it. I had knuckles, axles, shifter, shift linkage, pedal setup, lines, even had a clutch and flywheel from an S15 6spd, and no one wanted it. Either people are blind, or have no idea what they're looking at. Either way, decided to keep the parts I have, and just wait for cash to come in for the P12 bellhousing.

http://www.sr20-forum.com/oem-parts/39598-b15-spec-v-6spd-transmission-sale-w-shifter.html TOO BAD ... YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.
2011-01-05 01:25:37
Well im going with the b15 brake setup. I went to a local yard and the only thing that confused me was the 1.8L b15 hubs dont look like they are the right size as far as the splines go. The axle shaft and the nut look like the same size or smaller than my b13 se-r ones. I dont know if there is a difference between the 2.5 ser and spec v and the 1.8L hubs or not. I was gonna pick up the brakes and all but the caliper brackets were missing so I opted not to

David- If you have some b15 knuckles and brakes lmk I have cash ready as long as the price is right. I found a passenger side oem nissan axle almost new for a great price so i picked that up. I still need the driver side axle and of course the hubs and brakes.
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