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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-12-06 13:29:00
Car weighs 2680lbs. Just remember, I haven't had a good set of slicks on the car yet at the strip. And I don't have any launch control either. Not to mention the track prep up here isn't the best.
2010-12-10 23:10:49
Ok coheed, Im sure you have done more research on this than me.

Im trying to figure out what hub i need to use.

I know most would just swap the whole knuckle and hub assembly from either a p11 or b15 on the fronts.

Thing is im trying at all possible to keep my b13 brakes because my slicks are mounted on a 13" wheel that clears the stock b13 brakes but barely. My plan was to possibly use a p10 hub assembly if they use the same size axle spline as the b15 and p11. I believe the p10 uses the same size brakes as the b13 does so as long as the hub will mate with the spec V axle then there shouldnt be a problem.

Im kinda stuck and i dont want to spend money on guessing. Any knowledge on this would be very helpful. If not i will probably just go with a p11 or b15 hub and brake setup unless the stock brakes can bolt right up to either of those as long as i use the b13 rotor and have the hubs redrilled to 4X100 which was my plan anyways.

Any help?
2010-12-10 23:13:25
Ive already talked to mazworx about drilling the 4x100 pattern in the specv hubs, just sucks i have to remill my wheels to fit the bigger center bore...
2010-12-11 01:45:12
Im gonna guess that all the b15 hubs are the same as far as the axle spline goes. I found a set of hubs
2010-12-11 06:22:54
The knuckle is designed for different brakes is the problem. I don't know if the b15 knuckle can use the b14/b13 brake setup. If it can, then it will save us all a lot of money. But if it can't, we are lost in another money pit lol.
2010-12-11 07:13:55
Is it all the same hubs for all b15's, the 1.8's, 2.0's, and 2.5's When searching for parts some say the 1.8 and 2.0 hubs are the same and others say the hubs work on all b15 sentras. So its confusing. Im going to Napa tomorrow to check out some bearings and hubs and taking my gutted knuckle with me to compare bearing sizes.

its confusing as hell when one person says the b15 bearings and hubs can be pressed into the b13 b14 knuckle and another says no it cant.

Ill just find out for myself. I can get a pair of the hubs for 110 shipped and the bearings are only about 26 for the pair. So we shall see tomorrow. There should be a big how to thread when this crap is all said and done of every part you can use to work with what you want to work with.

Such as those wanting to keep their stock brakes (again if at all possible) and for those wanting to do a brake upgrade along with it.

I would just swap over a complete b15 knuckle and brakes but again they are larger and I need the brakes to clear the wheels my slicks are on unless at worst case scenario I have to change wheels. But i really dont want to. haha
2010-12-11 14:16:14
the bearings can not work from the b14 to b15 unfortunately. the bearing width is different, the b15 is a wider bearing and wont fit in the knuckle from the b14 correctly.

I think the ultimate solution is to get the b15 brakes and see how they hold up with your wheels. If they don't fit, you have to get new wheels. But overall the setup would be much simpler.

I'm converting the whole suspension to b15 stuff to aid me later on when I need replacement parts. but buying new wheels/tires isn't going to be cheap.
2010-12-11 17:58:40
Alright, after doing some measurements at Napa. The bearing outer diameter is identical. The only difference is the width which is all of .107" or so wider. This is not a problem at all. What im gonna do is have the machine shop just take out .107" or so off the back retaining wall the bearings rests against. There is more than enough material there to compensate. I wanna say its .3" or more of material so a tenth of an inch is not gonna hurt that at all.

This is very common practice for the honda guys when doing some of their swaps and needed to swap hubs.

So bottom line is the bearing can work very easy if you have a machine shop just take the material off the back retaining wall. No big deal. Ill post up some pics so people can understand what im talking about.

Other than that. I am ordering a set of bearings and hubs from a b15 and will have them pressed into my b13 knuckles. The machining work will only cost me about 40.00 bucks or so. Again its not much material to remove to allow the retaining clip to be reinstalled.

I think this is my best bet as there are absolutely no b15's in any of the yards close to me.
2010-12-12 00:04:14
Well after more thinking, Ive decided im just going to swap the whole b15 knuckle and brakes on. If i have to get a different wheel, which im sure i will have to then so be it. Its gonna cost way more to do that than to just get the hubs and brakes off one. I think ive located a b15 close by that i can snatch all the stuff off of.

So in comparison, how much bigger are the b15 brakes compared to the ad22 nx2000 brakes. Im thinking with a decent size spacer and extended studs i might be able to fit the 13" rims over the brakes. Again depending on just how big the b15 brakes are. Gives me a chance to put on my SS brake lines that ive had sitting in my garage for 2 years now. lol.

If i have to i might just get the slick for the 15" wheel if it comes out cheaper. which it just might. lol.

Money pit is right, thats for sure.
2010-12-12 01:05:09
I wonder if you can just send your hubs to Mazworx and have them do the 4x100 and the bearing machining for you. Maybe they can install everything together? Would make for a painless install.

I'd try it ashton!
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