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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-11-17 00:21:34
Can't you fit anything bigger than a 7.5 wide on that 4 door beast of yours? Would be sick to see a 8" wide or something.

2010-11-17 04:14:32
man I could prob go wider, but its hard to find wheels wider that are available in a style I like. I may just go with some 215-45r17 because they are cheaper and I burn through tires really quick anyway

And I am totally thinking of getting nice lugs too

I've been needing bigger brakes for a long time now. So this is a chance to get something in there that is a ton better. Spec V brembos would be nice, but really, anything upgraded from factory would work out awesome. But the Brembos are cheap! This car would be really cool if I could get the power down, handle, and stop the madness lol.
2010-11-17 04:46:01
another possibility is the na 26mm aluminum 300zx calipers. its a cheaper alternative to the brembos, and a lot of b15 guys are doing it. they also clear a lot more wheels too. you get to use the stock 11'' rotor as the b15/p11, but a bigger caliper.

All B15 Models 300ZX Calipers on a B15 - B15U.com - Nissan Sentra Forum

instead of shaving the rotors, you shave the caliper a touch(.15'') on the inside to clear the rotor. that way you dont have to shave the rotors everytime you need replacements. they mount up to the b15 hub without modifcation as well.

just need 2 26mm na 300zx calipers
2 spec-v front rotors(non brembo)
300zx to 240 brake lines

food for thought
2010-11-21 10:05:16
I think I can find some stock Brembo from the spec V for pretty good price. They seem to do okay and I think they will stop the car pretty well. This car seems to get more bastardized each year, but I plan on really tackling the suspension a bit while I'm in there. Stiffening up where I can and getting the car to handle a bit better. It handles very nicely the way it is, but it can always be better.

I am working on getting some wheels and all the hubs in a 4x114.
2010-12-01 01:41:04
what clutch is that... KA24DE 225mm?

and are you using spec-v hubs/spindles? If you are do you have pictures? Im trying to find out if they can be redrilled for 4x100, so i can keep my current wheels
2010-12-02 09:38:02
Yes, clutch is a 240sx clutch.

I am converting the car to Spec V underpinnings. Including all hubs, brakes, and rear beam.
2010-12-02 12:36:44
Thanks for all the info Coheed! I'm going to be taking on this same project for my Charcoal Grey SE-L (what a coincidence) in the near future too. I was lucky and bought an 04 Spec-V with a blown engine for a VERY good price, so I have everything I need.....except time.

The only thing I would suggest doing is a 5 lug swap...much better wheel options. All you need to do is have your front Spec-V hubs re-drilled. You can read the info on the rears here:
All B15 Models FS: 5 lug spacer/sleeves - B15U.com - Nissan Sentra Forum

But if you want to stick with the stock set up, I have the wheels that came with the car I bought for sale here if you're interested:
2004 Sentra SE-R Spec V part out - B15U.com - Nissan Sentra Forum
It really just depends where you're located, because shipping will probably be pricey.

Good luck with the project man, I will definitely be keeping an eye on this thread
2010-12-02 16:18:04
Any progress coheed?

My flywheel is finally done for my twin disk and is on the way so i can get my motor in the car and bolted up. But before i do that i still gotta get a stupid shifter assembly and cables. Im trying to figure out if the 5 speed 2.5 altimas use the same type of shifter assembly and cables. I would imagine so but could be wrong.

I have a plan to mount my shifter box to allow me to put my center console back on and look like nothing was done.

CorSport Online Store: Honda K Swap Parts - 94-01 Integra w/ K Swap - KSM01

I got the idea from the K swapped hondas. I plan to make something similar to mount my shifter assembly underneith and that would allow the cables to run through the tunnel and into the bay between the subframe and firewall. However those running exhaust i dont think there will be enough room to fit both the exhaust and that type of box. But since my turbo exhaust dumps at the bottom of the bay, my exhaust tunnel is open as can be.

There was another idea that i floated around was seeing if the rsx shifter cables would possibly work and attach correctly onto the cable bracket on the trans and if the lengths were close or similar where the cable comes out to the shifter on the trans from the cable bracket. I am having a buddy do some measurements. If it can easily work then something like this could be used and would fit perfectly in the tunnel in place of where the normal shifter stuff goes for the old trans.

pretty bad ass shifter

Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt In Short Shifter Box | HA Motorsports

Cant wait to see some more pics from your swap.
2010-12-05 02:52:21
I've made tons of progress on this. The car is ready to roll out but just needs axles, wheels, and brakes. I am having a hard time deciding which brakes to go with. Is 12" big enough for 500whp?

But ya. Car is just about ready to go, but it has gotten cold here and the garage takes forever to heat up. I'm just taking my time with it since I can't drive the car right now anyway. I will be spending a pretty penny on this project to finish things up nicely for the summer. I will hit 11s or break a lot of things in the process. I would love to hit 11.2@ 128mph. But really, I'll just be happy to have a stronger transmission (hopefully).

I have lots of decisions to make on the setup. I'm going to dig a bit deeper into the suspension and brakes, as well as a surprise for the power delivery. Keep in mind, I don't ever plan on making over 500whp as my injectors, pump, and maf all max out around then. But I am going to be pushing this setup to its absolute limits. Let's all hope this clutch can hold up
2010-12-05 02:58:02
Have you weighed the car? or have a estimate for the weight?

Id think you be way faster than that, unless its gained alot of weight.
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