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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-11-05 03:29:24
All the stuff I could find on the specV trans under real abuse was from the maxima/altima guys. They seem to have pretty good luck with them until over 400wtq, but keep in mind they are pushing the trans a lot harder with all the extra weight. The super sentra with me in it is still under 3000 full of gas. A Maxima weighs quite a bit more than that.

I think it will hold up better. It won't be bullet proof, but with heavy shockproof and a sprung clutch I see it holding up to 500lb torque for a while before giving up. The gear spread def won't be as much of an issue with the RS6 trans.

I got all of my things today. So I am ready to do this! The only thing I still need to sort out is the axle issue. If Marty can't make my axles, then I have to spend a lot more money getting other parts and working out a solution for the different bolt patterns, brakes, yada yada.

The flywheel is a work of art. I am very impressed with all the parts going at this project. Going to be really nasty setup for sure. The shorter gearing may hurt traction, but will prob power through the gears a lot harder. I am hoping this will help with future turbo upgrade plans.
2010-11-05 03:58:35
Get some pics up of that flywheel. Im assuming thats the flywheel from greg correct?
2010-11-05 12:47:35
Yes sir. I've gotten pretty much every part for this project from Greg. He's the Best!
2010-11-05 13:52:15
Yeah, hes the man. Now post some pics. haha
2010-11-05 20:13:25
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Yeah, hes the man. Now post some pics. haha

+1, i want one of the flywheels too.
2010-11-06 00:24:32
Okay here's the goods!

My boy Alex thanks Greg for the treats he sent! Thanks Greg!

mount kit
2010-11-06 00:25:29
here's how the car sits now. sad seeing her like this. But seems to happen every year or so at some point lol.

2010-11-07 18:58:36
Ok some info I have found doing research in my FSM collection. Not sure this is going to work, but I'll run it by you guys here real quick.

When talking with Marty at RAXLES, he said when he took the outer joint from the B14 and tried to put it on the SPECV axle, the axles were not compatible. The outer joint for the B14 has a different spline setup than the SpecV.

But it has been done for other people before, so I know it is possible. I looked into the joints and this is what I found.

B13/B14 GA16 Use a ZF90 style outer joint.
B13/B14 SR20 use a BF83 style outer joint.
B15 QG18 AND SpecV use a ZF90 style outer joint.
B15 SR20 use a BF83 style outer joint.
Altimas use a BF90 style outer joint.

So it looks like the outer CV from any GA16 will work for the specV axles. They should hav e the same spline count. You just have to get the axle that has the correct joint style and splines to fit your hub/axle combination. The ZF90 joint comes in a bunch of different configurations though, it has to. The ZF90 joint was used in the GA as well as the SpecV even though the hub splines are larger on the Spec.

The BF83 has always been used for the SR20 cars. The G20 uses the same outer joints as the B13/B14 but the G20 uses a little bit bigger outer cv. 36mm nut.

So I think we can take the ZF90 from the B14 GA16 axle, and slap it on the SpecV shaft. It will bolt right in on the B14 chassis without modification to the brakes or wheels or hubs. This will save lots of money from changing everything over. Let me know what you guys think.
2010-11-07 19:33:22
Good to know Coheed. Good info. Did you ever look into the Maxima clutch pedal to see if it would bolt right up like some have said? Ill be swapping my whole hub assembly out for the P10 hubs so I can use my stock brakes. Seems like the easiest way to go about it for me. Ill put new bearings in it and in that process probably have them redrilled for 4X100
2010-11-08 00:17:09
I haven't looked at the Maxima clutch pedal yet to see if it just drops in. But looking things over, I doubt it. If anyone can CONFIRM without speculation, then I will go for it. I think I may look into it.

I'm thinking the GA16 axle outer cv will work. I'm pretty sure and hopeful.

Anyway, later tonight I may post up pics of my new transmission. I put it all together today. Now I have to finish the write-up part of the build.
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