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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-10-19 23:36:15
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
With the 25" slicks im running, if i trap in the 150 mph range im gonna be going through the traps between 8700-8900 rpms in 4th gear. WOW.

With the 99 P11 stacks i was using i could go to 161mph in 4th at only 8500 rpms.

So im gonna have an advantage of having perfect length gears for my target trap speed and that 6th gear is gonna be nice being on the freeway at 80mph with my 205/50/15's at 3000 rpms vs the normal 3700-3800 rpms with the 99 p11 stacks. cant wait to see if i can reach 50 mpg.

You ain't reaching that goal... sorry haha.

2010-10-19 23:47:46
Originally Posted by 91B13DET
You ain't reaching that goal... sorry haha.


I dont know. With my calum basic fine tuned by me i was able to get 39.5 mpg on my last trip to phoenix. That was with an a/f ratio bouncing between 14.7 and 15.2:1 I can raise the cruz a/f to hold a solid 15.5:1 or so and with the almost 1000 less rpms i should end up pretty close. AEM EMS FTW.
2010-10-19 23:59:25
2010-10-20 00:42:28
I am sorta excited to see how the car reacts to the beefier transmission. I think the RS6 trans will keep me in the powerband longer, and with an already amazing powerband I feel this car will improve greatly.

I need to figure out a transmission bracket/mount solution since the tranny I got didn't have the bracket on it. I may have to buy a new one from Greg or something. Also I still need to find out how I am going to do this clutch pedal. I have some ideas on getting it to sit just right, but first I need to find a clutch pedal that works right.

I will keep posting pics and vids of progress. Hopefully we will see more people taking the plunge on this swap once it has proven successful in the high wtq SR powered cars.
2010-10-20 00:54:51
Originally Posted by Coheed
I will keep posting pics and vids of progress. Hopefully we will see more people taking the plunge on this swap once it has proven successful in the high wtq SR powered cars.

I am on board already. I am really just waiting for the flywheel. I like having everything in front of me before I tear into it.
2010-10-20 01:23:15
The flywheels should be worked out very shortly according to Miko. He already had the first one done but there was a very very slight issue with dowell pin alignment. But thats getting fixed and they will be good to go.
2010-10-20 03:54:32
I talked with Greg about the clutch I need to use with this. We decided on a Carbon/metallic sorta disc, sprung hub, with a little extra clamp from the pp. It is rated 480lb so I think it will hold up to the torque I plan on putting down. Since I am a sub-500whp car, but over 400wtq I think it will hold up ok. The sprung hub should help with that transmission life when compared to the solid hub sintered iron disc I run now.

I think that the clutch selection will have a big impact on the longevity of a transmission. Not ultimately, but I think it does help having a sprung hub. I am excited to see how driveable this thing is when it is all said and done. You can make all the power in the world, but if it isn't very streetable it makes it less fun to drive. I loved the sintered disc when new, but after a few thousand miles the negative side of the aggressive compound reared its head.

I'd still recommend the sintered for anyone wanting to hold massive power with minimal pedal effort. My old clutch feels like a JWT pp, very similar, but holds over 400lbft. Pretty insane!

I think when this is done I am going to invest in 2 things: Water/meth injection, and a GTX turbo. The new GTX35R should be out any time now and I would like to be one of the first to run it in a twin scroll configuration.

I think the GT35 is the next step for me after the transmission swap is done. I think it will open up a lot of power potential with minimal impact to the responsiveness of the engine hopefully. Hopefully i can build a TRULY responsive GT35r setup and offset the costs of the upgrade by selling my GT30R if I decide to keep it. But It looks like 500whp would be a walk in the park to hit with 8mm larger turbine.
2010-10-20 03:59:04
Do people really ever go to the original SR20forum? I cannot stand that freakin sight anymore. It is always soooooo SSSSLLLLLOOOWWWW! Its just very frustrating.
2010-10-21 20:42:35
Talked with Greg and he is sending me a clutch with the SPEC V TOB substituted for the KA24DE. Now I just have to wait for everything to show up and i'll be ready to rock and roll.

I have to put in the new shifter unit today so I can show some friends the specV shift knob. I guess I'm a little excited now. But I always like the stock spec V shift knob. The one I got is in perfect shape with no signs of wear or anything.
2010-10-22 01:05:54
what clutch did you end up going with?
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