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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-10-19 03:28:31
I'm not taking any chances. Heavy shockproof is still going in this one. I need it to hold 400wtq. Your car is light and should do well with the lighter fluid. I need all the help I can get. That means a sprung clutch and heavy shockproof with the baddest transmission I can see someone putting on a sentra. lol.
2010-10-19 03:35:56
lol, Yeah i cant use the lighter fluid. The 85w-140 valvoline gear oil I used in my last b13 trans with a 99 p11 gearstack in it lasted 6 months of abuse. The 3 before it when i was using 75-90 mobil 1 didnt last but a month or two a piece. The gear oil made a huge difference. The twin disk clutch is not easy on the gears at all especially on hard shifts. On the track on slicks you have the cusion of the slicks to help but on street tires, a decent shift when i had the thin oil in would sheer the stacks to pieces. 3rd and 4th gear. After the change in gear oil you could feel the cushion in the gears just shifting and letting out the clutch, less noise and clunking feeling of the gears meshing together.

So im sticking with the 85w-140. Try that maxima pedal and let me know. If the fitment is good and bolts right up i might consider swapping mine just because my pedal sits a bit higher than the rest. Not to the point its annoying or causes problems but it is noticable.
2010-10-19 03:36:58
awesome, thanks for posting detailed pictures..I think these are the first I've seen of a visual comparison.
2010-10-19 03:49:30
No problem. I will add all the pics to my sticky write-up I plan on doing later. But this thing will hopefully be finished in about 6 weeks or less. depends on when I can get my stuff from GregV
2010-10-19 04:09:19
Little offtopic but are you selling your old SR20 axles?
2010-10-19 04:15:00
they are pending sale.
2010-10-19 09:08:57
Originally Posted by Coheed
No problem. I will add all the pics to my sticky write-up I plan on doing later. But this thing will hopefully be finished in about 6 weeks or less. depends on when I can get my stuff from GregV

If you need anymore pics of the transmission for the sticky in a fully disassembled state (incl ger clusters out on the floor), also a comparison between diff sizes (open 32A, open 51A, helical 51H) and other stuff let me know as i took a crap load of pictures when i installed the helical diff into my gearbox to make sure i didn't screw up and to have a good record of the internals of the gearbox (mine is a P12 box).

Also those bolts that have the thread sealant on them (infact all the bolts with thread sealant) are "do not reuse" bolts according to the manual, you're 'supposed' to replace them. The new bolts from nissan have got the special sealant stuff on them. Im sure you can use a thread sealing locktight on them, but i hate leaks so i repalced them with new bolts for peace of mind.
2010-10-19 20:24:37
Sorry if this is found elsewhere, but does anyone have a excel spreadsheet comparing the three transmissions and their gear ratios? IE B13 vs P11 vs 6spd? Just curious what the different speeds and rpms will be.
2010-10-19 21:38:56
The gearing between 3-5 is shorter, and 6th is longer. 3rd will prob get me to 110mph or so instead of 118mph.
2010-10-19 23:23:52
With the 25" slicks im running, if i trap in the 150 mph range im gonna be going through the traps between 8700-8900 rpms in 4th gear. WOW.

With the 99 P11 stacks i was using i could go to 161mph in 4th at only 8500 rpms.

So im gonna have an advantage of having perfect length gears for my target trap speed and that 6th gear is gonna be nice being on the freeway at 80mph with my 205/50/15's at 3000 rpms vs the normal 3700-3800 rpms with the 99 p11 stacks. cant wait to see if i can reach 50 mpg.
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