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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-12-24 23:41:37
Hi Jeremy.
2011-12-25 00:38:14
And good thing its cheap. Its probably not completely out of gear oil its probably just below the level of the seal now which on these trans seems to be about a quart and a half low to do so.

Im gonna say axle seal. Mine leaks a bit too and need to replace it as it was the original with the trans so yeah. Hopefully its just the seal though.
2011-12-25 01:09:21
Well hello Jason!

Yo ashton, I have that knuckle assembly and axle still. I gotta get on that lol.
2011-12-25 01:11:50
No rush man, sometime after the holidays would be fine. Also, remember, just need the spindle/hub part. Knock that sucker out with a hammer and toss the knuckle unless you want it as a spare.
2011-12-26 20:53:43
Found the problem, the stopper bolt has decided to leave the transmission. In case you guys don't remember, this is what the stopper bolt is.

As far as what it does... I couldn't tell you that. It sits in a groove in the shifter mechanism, and I guess it is supposed to lock out a selection on the shifter. Funny, I wouldn't think the location of the bolt would really cause oil to practically be pumped out of the transmission lol. But the seal is hammered anyway so I will fix that, and I'll see the dealer tomorrow to see if I can get a new bolt. If not, I can probably make one.
2011-12-27 01:27:45
It might be just to keep the shifter from moving soo far and putting extra strain on the shift forks and shift colars themselves. Maybe an extra stop over what the balls and pins do on the shift rods. Hmm, well remember to tighten that sucker down this time. lol. Glad it was nothing serious though.
2011-12-27 05:33:10
Yes, solid motor mounts seem to create lots of loose bolts over time. I guess I must have forgotten to tighten it enough. Must be one of those things I missed during the 20 minute rebuild.

I had that transmission torn down and completely put back together in about 30 minutes getting ready for the UN BBQ this past summer. Hopefully, it is the only bolt that is loose. I checked a few others, and none of them are loose at all. I suppose some red loctite will suffice when putting in a new bolt.
2011-12-28 03:46:14
may have a spring and some ball bearings or something ? just a thought...
2011-12-28 10:24:27
Not this bolt. its just a bolt in this case.
2012-02-04 04:40:37
Coheed what gearbox you converted for this project??
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