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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-12-11 07:29:42
I am on stock stuff. I don't really wanna make any more power. 500whp is plenty on high boost. Plus, the injectors are prob maxxed out as well.
2011-12-11 10:39:19
Well not necessarily to make more power but same power on less boost. Or maybe its something you can test later down the road when you upgrade the injectors and go to a Stealth 340 pump if you arnt using one already.

Should be a nice addition to the 6262 for sure.

Either way man, your car is a beast and I love every aspect of it.
2011-12-11 13:42:54
Originally Posted by Coheed
I just want to say that this car is awesome.

Carry on.

All It took was the right turbo. That's how I felt after I put my turbo on also. It's been a while now and I still smile everytime I push the right foot down.
2011-12-11 17:47:54
Yeah definitely. the whole character of the engine changed with these cams and turbo combo. It doesn't have the mid-range surge like it did before, but it sure as hell pulls up top. Once you have the boost, its easy to stay in it. I love the linear powerband.

The VVL works so much better with a large turbo. Seriously, it is insane. I would like to do more testing with a N1 cam set as well to see how it performs against the 20V cams. Also, the SR16 cams would be nice to see in a back-to-back comparo. Test all 3 cams in one day, that would be awesome.
2011-12-12 13:31:43
The SR16 cams with that turbo is a good combo. You really feel the cams switch over. For the track the 20Vs might be a better choice but on the street the SR16s are great.

Here's a video of mines on the dyno with the SR16 cams. You really hear the cams kick in. (turn the volume up)

Last edited by kevwal on 2011-12-12 at 13-38-35.
2011-12-12 13:53:02
Love your car as well Kev. It seems like you didnt rev it that high in the vid. Seems like the SR16 cams with a good setup still like to rev out past 9k with large turbos. I could be wrong as it was pulling quite fast through the rpm band. But yeah that VVL activation sounds sick and instant boost.
2011-12-12 14:00:49
I wasn't driving the car. The guy at the dyno stopped at 7500 even though I told him it was ok to go to 8500. He was a little nervous because of how fast it started climbing after the VVL kicked in. I need a tach that red lines at 8500 i guess.
2011-12-12 14:04:15
Hahahaha. Probably would have continued to climb in power too. Good stuff man. Love it.
2011-12-12 14:19:35
crazy man
2011-12-24 23:34:46
Driving to work today and found gear oil puddling under the car when I got there. Sniff.

So far the car has been very reliable, but this is the first thing to go wrong. Gear oil covers the whole underside of the transmission, and it looks like the CV axle is covered completely and flung gear oil everywhere! It's on the tires, the strut, the brakes... everywhere.

Now I have to find out where it is coming from, seeing as I nailed an animal on the way to work today doing about 80mph. No damage other than the leak. It looks like the leak is coming from the transmission seal on the driver's side. It makes sense then, that gear oil would travel to the CV axle, then get flung everywhere. If it were a case crack or something it would probably not get on the CV axle.

I cleaned up the transmission casing and voila, there looks to be no damage. I lowered the car down to get the trans seal as low as possible to see if I can tell if it is leaking, but the transmission may be completely out of oil after 20 miles of driving.

I'm voting towards the axle seal. But now I have to wait until Monday to fix it because the dealer is closed until then, and no one has the seal.

But on the drive home, letting the clutch out didn't cause the idle to drop. Gear shifts to 2nd were perfectly smooth, even without warming up the transmission. Transmission seemed to drive better than when it had fluid in it lol. The only difference is getting into 1st was a bit notchy. Good thing that gear oil was put in after the heavy shockproof. It's still pink
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