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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-10-10 23:46:40
Spec v is 4x114...
2010-10-10 23:49:53
Originally Posted by SeenSense
Spec v is 4x114...

nice +1 FOR univwersal bolt pattern wheels...
2010-10-11 03:29:48
the biggest thing im worried about is putting the p12 bellhousing on the trans. Alot of bearings and stuff to mess up.

I found a 06 specv with under 2k miles at a junkyard, but the yard wants almost 1100 for the parts. Which will put me over 2500 for everything. unless i can get a fly and clutch for under 500.
2010-10-11 04:22:47
I have to double check something on the Spec. Not sure if it has Brembo brakes. If it does, I'm taking them. If it doesn't, I may send out the hubs to mazworx for machining the hubs for the larger axles. In which case I could still use my B14 wheels. But I would like to get the spec V 6 spoke wheels for a good price.
2010-10-11 04:48:06
My 6 speed swap was pretty much the same as you are planning. I had the spec V hubs redrilled for 4x100 and went with the brembo brakes and all. Originally I had a custom driver's side mount (I think Daxx made it for me) and used the original B14 rear mount bracket and a p12 axle carrier that had a spacer on it to fit the B15 CVs. Early this year a friend got be the maxworx' carrier bracket because she "didn't like that the CV had a spacer on it", but honestly it worked fine.

My 2 cents on the mounts/brackets: get a rear mount that connects to as many points as possible. With the B14 one only that one bolt mounts up and I've broken it twice now in hard launches. I have a DET block so the carrier bracket was made different I think by mazworx'. I noticed after their brackets install I had to shave some of the frame where the CV was now slightly touching. Just an FYI.

Fly and clutch wise I went with an S15 JWT fly and a 350z clutch kit. For the past year it’s been doin' me good. I never tapped the bell however for the OBD sensor, so I can’t comment there.

Also, when I swapped out the bell, for anyone that’s doing it themselves, it only looks and seems daunting. If you take it slow and easy and by the book you will be fine. I got an '04 spec V box and swapped out the final for a '02 Maxima final (3.8) and it’s been doing me good so far. As I said in an other post/tread: it’s pretty much the like a non-LSD B14 box with a sweet 6th gear... and a VLSD (edit: opps, i ment HLSD. sorry) now.

Good luck with the swap!
2010-10-11 04:52:49
did you weld the hole up that you had to cut in the bellhousing to fit that fly?
and i thought the 6spd trans are hlsd...?
2010-10-11 04:55:54
My bad, it's late; I ment helical.

And yes, I had a cover made and welded on the bell where the bell had to be cut.
2010-10-11 07:39:42
Thats some $change$ man!

More then I plan on having in my entire AWD conversion. Glad my transmission allows me to ignore it and play with other things!

Andy nuked his trans again after we played around with neither of us turned up much.

There is a similar type swap available for my car if I really wanted, Tibby 6 speed, but the 6th gear makes the transmission stick out farther and my tire already rubs the end case. I remember Andy saying you have plenty of room there.
2010-10-11 16:06:02
Originally Posted by Coheed
I would recommend it only if cost isn't an issue. The 6 speed swap all said and done is going to be about $3000 and not alot of people can spend that much for a transmission swap. But the P11 is good, with heavy shockproof it will hold up amazingly well. But They don't like over 400lbft of torque for extended periods of time. Eventually they all fatigue and gears come apart. On a 400whp level, a typical P11 trans should last a couple of years on the street as long as you never wheel hop.

I think one of my p11 transmissions blew up because I was running a really light-weight synchromesh fluid in it. There was nothing to cushion the gears and so it did not last. Also, the engine was pumping out 425lbs of torque on 26psi. That was enough to let it go one day.

thanks for the advice Coheed...
2010-10-11 16:23:54
Yeah i can honestly say the swap is right at $3000 to do start to finish. When we start to get more options as far as clutch and flywheels are concerned then the price will go down.

You can find 04 + specV trannies for $400-500, 02 trannies for as little as $250, then you would just need the full kit from Mazworx to include the bellhousing and your set as far as the trans and mounting is concerned. Then its flywheel and clutch which our options right now are pricey, Twin Disk setup $1300 or GregV or Mazworx flywheel $500 and then $300-$450 for a clutch.

Prices will drop with time and with the popularity of the swap.
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