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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-04-23 12:59:20
Very nice man, shame to see you gave up on the axles but im sure your gonna love the larger brakes, new wheels, and also your shifter looks great, looks like you can put it all back together and look like stock. Very nice man. Just wait till you get to drive it with that trans and not to mention you should have even better traction with the hlsd. You will feel it right off the bat.
2011-04-23 15:30:14
Did you install the shifter thru the bottom or from the top?

Whats that clutch rated for?
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2011-04-23 15:31:01
nice jeremy
2011-04-23 22:50:54
I installed the shifter from the top. The shifter required some fixing up to work. The junk yard broke the back two mounting holes from the rear of the shifter assembly. So I used a couple Plastic Weld epoxys to make a new spot to bolt it in. It works amazing. I'm not a cheap ass, but I didn't want to buy a new shifter assembly if I didn't have to.

After bending the shifter cable back into straight position and making new rear holes it works awesome. So that's good news.

This clutch is rated 490lbft, and had the "super clamp" option on there. It looks like a dual diaphram, but they cut the "fingers" off at the tips by the TOB. Interesting...

I'm going to go put in the clutch and try to put the transmission in by myself tonight. Hopefully with all the machine work done, everything will just slide together!
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2011-04-24 04:46:09
Transmission is IN!

It literally took 3 hours just to get the transmission in. Two monkeys here trying to get it in, but we got tired and decided to lower the engine down by unbolting the center crossmember. After we got it lowered as far as it would go, there was only the passenger's mount holding everything in, we were able to get the transmission up and in without hitting the dang subframe for the control arms.

Once we got it on, I realized that the stock tranny bolts are too short. You need 3.5" bolts and 3.25" bolts and some washers. Then the starter bolts are too long, and you need to replace the 4" bolts with some 2.25" bolts.

The transmission fits very snuggly, with no cutting required. It would be nice to do some cutting just to free up some room and make things easier to work on, but in the future, I'm just gonna drop the engine out to do transmission work lol.

ITS IN!!! I am tired. But what an Easter treat. The biggest hurdle is out of the way.
2011-04-24 04:52:58
So we'll need all different tran/eng bolts!?
2011-04-24 05:15:34
yes sir. I wouldn't feel comfortable using any of the stock bolts, they are not the right length.

The costs just keep adding up.
2011-04-24 05:39:12
can you put together part numbers/shopping list for those of us following in your footsteps?
2011-04-24 08:27:13
Nice, I always remove my crossmember when pulling the trans. Even our stock trannies. Its easier to get it on and off that way and you dont have to fight with the stupid rear mount bolts lining up and soo on. You will have to do it this way every time now if you have to ever remove it in the future. Just make it easy on yourself and drop the trans.

And yes a parts list would be a great thing if its something you have kept track of. My mazworx mount kit came with all new bolts for the rear motor mount bracket and transmission bolts. Only thing it didnt come with was new starter bolts. I had some shorter bolts laying around that worked perfectly. So no biggie on that.
2011-04-24 13:43:39
ya I will get a list together to make it easier for you guys!
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