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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-04-12 08:59:48
Originally Posted by Coheed
Sweet guys. Well I just took delivery of my brand new axle! A whole rear beam assembly with all brake hardware (11" rotors ) for a mere $200 bucks!

I also got new front brake calipers (BREMBO BABY!), new 12" rotors, for only $270 which includes the core charge of $110. I will just play the ole "core" swaperoo and get my $110 back! So for under $500 in total brake parts, including knuckles, I will have a brand new brake system installed on the car. Can't complain there, as long as the calipers come as promised.

I am looking into a set of Nismo wheels to finalize the package and clear the huge calipers.

I also found what I hope to be a solution to the slave cylinder issues that not many have experienced. The availability of the p12 slave is... not available. So I am going to post my findings on whether or not this modified one will work or not. Wish me luck.

I am accelerating the project into full speed and hope to have a pretty clear outcome by the middle of next month. Most of it will be complete by end of this month depending on parts.

Car should look pretty sick with Brembo brakes and new wheels though. I am sad to see the OEM styling go, but it will be nice to have brakes to handle 400+whp.

GTI-R slave cylinder is the same part by the way if you can find someone parting a half cut or somethign? They must have been discontinued recently, i bought one less than 12 months ago brand new, i still have a used one here that i was going to throw a new piston kit into. If you get totally stuck, let me know i'll be happy to help you out and either try and source a new one here (if they have stock still) or send you my spare used one and a genuine piston kit.

Example on Bbay Australia:

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2011-04-12 10:46:32
If you could find one, let me know. A larger master cylinder is prob out of the question.
2011-04-12 12:18:30
what about a custom one cnc'd from billet?

or one of those hydralic all-in-one pieces?
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2011-04-12 14:59:52
when its all said and done how much will you have in this full conversion?
2011-04-12 15:02:56
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
when its all said and done how much will you have in this full conversion?

I have been collecting parts and it seems it's going to run about $2500.00 +/-

Everyone please correct me if I am wrong.
2011-04-12 15:14:28
im already 1k in..

still need:
HLSD for my p12 $225
mount kit and carrier bracket $485+ship
clutch/fly setup $600-900 (think i might do the 250mm)
axles ~$500?

im looking at 3k easy
2011-04-12 15:21:12
what kind of power are you guys looking to make on these?
2011-04-12 17:07:58
im going for close to 400whp
but i mostly want it for the HLSD b/cuz autox and track
2011-04-12 20:39:03
The conversion for the B15 brakes parts:
Rear beam assembly, with brakes etc $200.
Front Brembo calipers $85. Rotors $85.
Stock Spec V axles, reman $160.
Pads front and rear, $80.
Front knuckles $200 shipped.
Wheels to clear Brembo calipers, $850.

So that's what I'm in so far just with the suspension stuff.

Transmission was $400
Swap kit was $750
Flywheel was $550
Clutch was $450
Spec TOB $40
Clutch slave $20
Shift cables and clutch pedal assembly $120.

I want a B15 clutch pedal assembly though. The altima one seems good, but mounting is a little more difficult in the long run. The wheels I got come with tires. If they are good enough for the car to roll on, then I am in business. They are pretty big though. I might be able to sell them for cheap and make some money back.

TOTAL $3990

But at the least I will have one bad ass brake setup with some cool wheels!

Sold some parts to make money back. JWT flywheel $100, P11 transmission $700, Stock SEL wheels/tires and AD22VF brakes still need to be sold. So after those are sold, we're looking at $3000 invested. Not bad considering.
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2011-04-12 20:57:28
yeah thats definitly not that bad, for what you are getting, plus if its going to help put the power to the wheels thats all that matters
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