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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-03-14 07:33:52
I'll be putting a 6 speed in my car in a month or so, depending on my VVL head swap, as i want to do this at the same time.

The box i have is a p12, with helical lsd added, and ive already had it in a NXR (Nx2000), so driveshafts are not a issue, and have a cromolly flywheel (6.2kg). Just got to get a clutch to suit turbo.

I should post some pics up. This is going in my p10. ]

For the driveshafts i used the p12 inner parts, with the cups machined off, and p10 LSD box CV cups welded on, so the car still uses the p10 LSD drivshafts. I got the CV's professionally welded by a drivetrain specialist, machined and painted and you cant tell they are not stock.
2011-03-15 03:55:40
Well, the passenger side cv i got from the junk yard is from an 03 spec v and it is the same as the autozone axles. 1.120" thick, and a lot more splines than the SER axles. So... I don't know what year some of these guys got axles from, but it is obvious now that I might be spending my next check on hubs/rear beam/tires/wheels. Might as well upgrade to some SPEC V Brembos unless I can find an answer to this current equation.
2011-03-16 00:01:57
Hey ashton, the only thing different between my passenger side axle and yours is that yours is from an ABS model. Mine is not. I am not sure if this is the issue, but i will call you.
2011-04-07 05:08:58
Ok, I've still been trying to get this figured out. The splines on the Spec V axle leave me with a lot of questions. But the OEM axle I got from the Junk yard has a GREEN shaft. Ashton, you mentioned you have a red outer joint? What color is the shaft?

I got a AT axle for the passenger side. The splines are almost identical! But there is another catch. There are only 23 splines on the outer race. Not 25 like the SR20 axles. However, the catalog I have states that the OEM axle from the 95-97 has 23 splines! Only 91-94 axles have the 25 splines. Which is interesting, because the 91-94 axles I got were the opposite. Something with the aftermarket axles is just messed up.

I measured the OE AT axle and got 1.1", while the OEM P10 axle I have measured at 1.080" That is soooo close, but explains why you needed to hammer your joint on. The splines on the race are cut a little deeper than the axle, so it would fit... provided the spline count was right.

So now, I call junk yards to ask them what color the axles are and I get very interesting responses. Noone seems to understand that something is not right with all the axle options. I think the 5 speed SER axles are the ones needed. 25 spline, red outer joint, and perhaps a black inner shaft. That's the info I have gathered so far. But still working on a solution to this problem.
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2011-04-07 16:32:46
Wish I was ready to do my swap I'm sure I could get the axle thing figured out pretty quick. I would have to go to Icerzs house and steal the ones he has on his car and find out how they were made.
2011-04-07 16:46:43
im just going to call raxles and see if he can make another set
2011-04-07 18:05:03
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
im just going to call raxles and see if he can make another set

Could you please post your findings?
2011-04-07 20:55:22
I am pretty sure that the axles required are from a 2002 SER non Spec V model. Maybe even a 2003. But All the junk yard axles I have are too large to fit the outer joint from the SR axles. Much too large. And are from 2004 models.

Nissan must have changed the design at one point to prob fix a known issue with the strength of the parts. Either that, or they wanted to use the same shafts as another vehicle/ altima, maxima etc.

I am sure we can get it to work. But you have to have the right combo to get it working right. I've done so much searching and research, but I just cant get the info I need.
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2011-04-07 21:04:24
Can anyone tell me, if you got this to work, what color are your axles painted on the passenger side? My passenger axles are DARK GREEN.
2011-04-08 04:24:41
Originally Posted by iczer200sx
what reason did he give you? he built me spec-v axles mated to a set of cv joints that fit into the b14 hub. works perfectly fine

Raxle did it once already...
whats different from b13 to b14 axles? thought they interchange?
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