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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2011-03-05 04:27:37
91-94 axles don't work

The shaft size is nearly identical, much thicker than the 98-99 axles. But the spline count is different. There are less splines on the classic's axles, and they are much thicker.

Looks like it has to be the 95-97 SER axles for this to work correctly. I think I finally got it figured out, but we won't know until tuesday.

In case anyone is nervous about making your own axles for this swap, it is very very easy. All you need is a big hammer. The outer cv is held on with a circlip just like the driver's side axle that goes into the transmission. Generally a couple good whacks will remove the outer joint.
2011-03-05 05:20:27
Originally Posted by Bahamassr20
i wanna see some power go to these trannys before i invest. I know 3 spec v that destroyed these trannys i dont know how they where driving and know they arent putting down what i am

I ran about 600 lbs of n2o through my 02 specv with a 100 direct port set up putting 372 tq to the wheels, tranny is still in great shape. Gave the car to my kid in fact.

Friend here was making 472 hp and 450 tq with a turbo'd QR with a ton of launch's on slicks, it held too.

Friend in St. Louis has a VQ swap in his specv running a 125 shot, tranny still in great shape.

Not sure exactly what your plans are as far power output but I can say that is a stout tranny.
2011-03-05 13:50:06
I like your sig red.
pull the trigger and the nightmare stops.
2011-03-05 23:30:30
Theres a trick you can do with the shifter cables that will make you very happy!
Depending on what model year cables you get, mine was an 02 and I believe the 02 and 03 shared the same cables and they changed it up a little on the 04 and up. You can take the whimpy floppity rubber bushings that are in the cable ends at the trans and toss them, take a round file or some type of abrasive device and "slightly" enlargen the hole, I mean slightly too, basically just clean it up!

Now.....Insert some skateboard wheel bearings, this will dramatically improve the shifter feel and the engagement will be almost race car precise. This was probably the cheapest mod I ever did to that car and one of the most noticeable next to the direct port set up.

Combine this with a shifter mounted short shifter and you will have extemely short and precise throws.

Did this to mine about 3 yrs ago and its still going strong with 0 signs of wear on the pivot studs on the trans where the cables mount, kids car now and when I changed the oil a few weeks ago I checked them for shits and grins to see if the hardened bearing metal was wearing into them.

Its deff. a very cheap and very worth while mod!

Also I believe you can by nylon dowell rod at Lowes or Home depot and simply drill a hole in it, cut it to size and use that as well. I skate so the bearings were handy and just lying around so thats what I used.
2011-03-06 00:15:46
AWESOME info here......thanks to ALL that contributed....SUBSCRIBED!
2011-03-06 02:09:35
very nice info. I have 04 shifter assembly, but i can try that too.
2011-03-10 00:26:39
I measured the axles today. Driver's Spec axle splines and outer SR joint measure in at 1.080".

The passenger side spec axle measured in at 1.2" roughly, but is obviously a lot bigger. I think I may have gotten Altima axle shafts, or a hybrid reman which will not work. The spline count on my passenger side axle is double that of the driver's side. There are a lot more splines, but the splines are very thin. Perhaps I will post pictures.
Last edited by Coheed on 2011-03-10 at 00-39-35.
2011-03-10 05:02:33
pics of the outer cv's from my oem spec v axles

Driver side from a non abs axle, measured 1.082" inner diameter, 25 spline

Passenger side from an abs axle measured 1.100" inner diameter 25 spline

2011-03-10 05:34:39
I think what I ended up doing on mine was took my oem b13 se-r outer cv joint measuring 1.082" and pounded it onto the passenger spec V axle measuring 1.100". I now know why it didnt want to go on very easily. lol. But all i can say is I got it to fit with a 5lb hammer. Hardest part was keeping the cage straight and level during the first hard hit to get it started. This is up to you whether you want to do it this way but I dont see much else for an option. we are talking about a 18 thousanths of an inch difference. Not much. The mallet easily worked it on not to mention for those that have a press. It should go on fairly easily. It is going to cut into the splines because the spline profile is just a tad different but it went on and the joint doesnt make noises, and hasnt broken on a 1.61 60ft launch on slicks. Im sure it will survive a low 1.5 as well. There wont be any play in the splines that part is for certain but in reality it really doesnt matter.
2011-03-10 06:02:59
Here's pics of my outer joints.

Spec V outer (autozone reman, passenger side)

91 axle outer.

Spec V shaft.

SER shaft.
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