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Thread: My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside

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2010-10-10 01:02:53
My 6 speed blogger. Swap complete! vids inside
Hey guys. I am going to be doing a 6-speed swap in the near future.

clutch pedal
Shifter cables
perhaps more to come

I plan on swapping in the Spec V rear beam, and while getting new front hubs, will be putting on the Spec V brembo brakes as well. As much as I want more power, Getting the power to the ground reliably has become an issue. Rather than bandaid the p11 transmission and keep replacing 200mm clutches every year, I've decided to take the plunge.

Now there are some things still to be considered. The car is staying OBD2 legal. So I am hoping the flywheel that Greg @ Gspec is making will allow me to get a signal from the CKS. Also, I will have to find out which CKS will work correctly with this new bellhousing.

The bellhousing will also have to clear the turbo manifold, so I am hoping it is not more bulky than the P11 transmission. My turbo manifold comes within 1/2 inch of my bellhousing. I may have to do some more grinding on the new bellhousing.

I figure this whole swap is going to cost me about $2500 all said and done. Which is approx the cost I've spent buying/rebuilding P11 transmissions.

I should get some money back selling my current p11 trans, the JWT flywheel, my LSD axles and my current AD22 brakes.

So far, has anyone here actually done this swap?
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2010-10-10 01:13:11
So I guess I could save some money selling my old trans, flywheel, 6 SE-L wheels, axles... hmmm. I suppose that comes up to:

$600-$800 for the trans.
$50 for both axles.
$150 for the wheels.
$150 for the flywheel.
Ballpark, about $1000 coming back.

But then I need to buy new wheels. So that will set me back a bit. Stock Spec V wheels would look decent, from the 04-05 spec, but cost about $125 each. And I could get a much nicer wheel for not much more $$$.

I'm just gathering my thoughts on this whole deal. Hopefully the parts I need are available for me to tackle this swap before Christmas.
2010-10-10 01:34:40
Use the 95 altima clutch pedal and master cylinder. Bolts right in.
2010-10-10 01:45:31
im in on this one
2010-10-10 01:53:42
Please take plenty of pics and keep a detailed log as you go. This thread will end up helping everyone.
2010-10-10 02:01:22
Yes but they used the maxworx kit the car runs great
2010-10-10 02:01:38
2010-10-10 03:48:44
Yes, nice coheed. I know youll do a great write up.

2010-10-10 04:10:04
I am also going to be watching this .....I might be interested in a pair of your SE-L wheels as well
2010-10-10 11:28:01
Interested in this as well.
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