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Thread: after s3 cam install car dies alot

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2010-10-06 22:30:51
after s3 cam install car dies alot
hey guys......need ur help....so i picced up the car from the shop today cuz i had the s3 cams put bacc in and now it idles real low and always dies out when i come to a stop.....it was tuned with the s3's in there but after taking the stocc cams out and puttin the s3's bacc in it seems its gotten worse.....and the reason why i had to reinstall the s3's is b/c the previous exhaust cam was damaged at the end where the distributor slides in so i had to find/order a replacement....it ran better on the stocc cams....do i have to reset the ecu or something??

btw car is a 97 b14
Heres the list of mods.

U12 Bluebird SR20det w/ a GTI-R T28 turbo
JWT S3 cams
Apexi AVC-R and AFC NEO
SARD 550cc side feed injectors
Walbro fuel pump + FPR
Unorthodox pulleys
Apexi N1 3" exhaust w/ dump
3" downpipe w/ Y pipe
ACT 6 puck clutch, Lightened flywheel
96 G20 LSD cable tranny
HKS Actuator Kit(S14/S15)
Grams Lights wheels
2010-10-06 23:48:16
When you say the car ran better before do you mean as in power wise? Like is it REALLY noticably down on power?

If not then your fine. The car is gonna need a few days to learn the cams. The ECU is used to the stock cams and will have to get used to the S3's again. Itll take a few days (as in 2-5!) For the car to idle on its own and learn the cams. I just drove the shit out of the car and put miles on it until it started idling.
2010-10-06 23:52:44
not really power wise....just that it didn't die out like this.....so even tho the car was tuned for s3's before and then i switched it to stocc and bacc, it still needs time to get used to wat was originally in there(s3's)??
2010-10-06 23:53:27
I have S3 cams, is your idle set to low?? I have killed my car when not giving it enough gas a couple of times... there is a lot less torque at 1000 rpms with the S3 cams than what you had with OE cams..
2010-10-06 23:53:51
mmhmm what he said
2010-10-06 23:57:17
idk wat my idle is set at and don't know how to set it....sorry kinda a newbie
2010-10-07 00:07:12
When the engine gets up to temp and the needle is sitting in it's happy spot near the middle, what is your car idling at? Most stock cars run at about 700-800 rpms. I used to have S4 cams, and even guys with S3 cams will tell you that the idle should be set to about 1000.

You should have a small plastic screw on the intake manifold that adjusts the idle. Use that to raise it up to 1000 and still allow the car 2-5 days to relearn the cams. Even though the ECU was tuned for it, you had the stock ones in there and the ECU relearned those as well, so it needs to backtrack once again.

And the off idle grunt won't be as good as the stock cams. You always sacrifice something when going with larger cams, and usually down low.
2010-10-07 00:12:16
take it back to the shop and have them verify the mechanical timing and ignition timing. you paid them to install it, might as well have it done right.
2010-10-07 00:21:20
Originally Posted by iczer200sx
take it back to the shop and have them verify the mechanical timing and ignition timing. you paid them to install it, might as well have it done right.

2010-10-07 00:24:01
the idle is at about 800.........but i will try that....so i don't need to reset the ecu then??
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