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Thread: car stopped running randomely? maybe something got wet?

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2010-09-30 16:48:31
car stopped running randomely? maybe something got wet?
ok......so ill try to keep it short and sweet. did a head gasket on my turbo car, that went smoothly and i had no issues.....put it back exactly as it came apart. drove it around. it was fine. drove it around again. still fine. idled and reved it...still fine. you get the idea. well, i was driving it yesterday in a downpour.....been raining ALOT here this week. started sputtering on the highway. i got off, figured it was gas(she was LOW). stopped at gas station, car running a bit rough, not revving out past 5000 rpm or so, sputtering....stalled. i put in 3/4 tank of gas. would not start. at all to save my life. i had good fuel pressure though. So then i triedpulling the fuel pump fuse.....figured id flooded the cylders, wanted to clear them out......it actually started! obviously still had fuel in the cyl. waited till the car stalled out from fuel starvation, reinstalled the fuse.....and it WOULD NOT START. sigh. got a ride home to think it over. came back after 6 hours....turned the key over, she fired right up and iidled like a champ! and then stalled after 10 seconds. so i figured id screwed up the timing.....so this morning i pulled the valve cover, and checked. nope. looks good, with cyl one at tdc, exaust is at 12 o clock, intake at 10 oclock, and there are 20 rollers between the timing marks. spark plugs are black with fuel. smells very rich. i dunno. i even checked inside the distributor to see if water was getting in.....nope it was fine. no boost leaks that i can see. im very confused. car has had no issues with sustained "runability" till now. im guessing something got wet, but what? i have no clue. anybody got any ideas?
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