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Thread: help white smoke when i slow down

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2010-09-30 03:03:59
help white smoke when i slow down
i have a problem i have white smoke when im slowing down to a stop and i dont know what it is. i have a sr20de with a t25. the t25 was just rebuilt and the de was never smoking befor i put on the t25. could it be the way i made the return from the turbo to the oil pan?
2010-10-01 04:14:18
could be
2010-10-01 04:23:03
3 things
1. ur seal on ur turbo is gone and causes the oil to leak and make white smoke. even though u say its freshly rebuilt there could be somethin wrong with it i should know i have the same problem.
2. it could be a headgasket. but the only way u would know is if u did a compression test.
3. check for any leaks like u said it could be the way u made ur return line but if its coming out your exhaust i doubt it.
2010-10-01 04:34:46
wouldn't this mean either valve stem seals or leaky oil seal rings?
2010-10-01 04:40:22
2010-10-02 15:58:56
a friend of mine past for this problem on his dsm ,it was both,the valveĀ“s seals and the turbo too, he fixed that and the problem dissapears
2010-10-02 16:26:26
thanks fot the advice but my car was just stolen thrusday night so i can really fix it unless i get it back.
2010-10-02 16:50:21
Sounds stupid, but make sure you didn't block off your crankcase breather... lol
2010-10-02 21:35:47
^^^^ This, and check pcv operation
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