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Thread: Last VET dyno sheet before new build

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2010-09-29 00:52:39
Originally Posted by wnwright
Do they have BB? Cause you have to have BB to make power.

Noob. Only you would need BB CHRA...
2010-09-29 00:54:32
Originally Posted by STRATTON
Blue balls.


2010-09-29 00:56:23
Originally Posted by Cliff
Noob. Only you would need BB CHRA...

Oh you got me good. I go CHRA less
2010-09-29 01:52:01
Looks good J can't wait to see everything come together over the next few years.
2010-09-29 01:52:53
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
I know I know, but why spend $2k+ on a s372r...the same and more power can be had with a smaller unit, what's the fastest fwd car run?

Borg Warner S372 Turbo BW S 372 Bullseye Power Garrett: eBay Motors (item 350270787565 end time Oct-22-10 11:58:02 PDT)

2k??? Thats 2 of these things... lol
2010-09-29 03:14:52
Jamie's car looks great I got to see it in person yesterday and he is a really cool guy.
2010-09-29 04:14:00
Originally Posted by Sealti96
Jamie's car looks great I got to see it in person yesterday and he is a really cool guy.

Thanks man. It's was cool finally meeting you. Get that 4wd beast done and let's hit the track before the snow comes.
2010-09-29 05:09:22
Who needs controller?Just unplug the wastegate line my friend.She will hold...... i've being running that way for quite some time now. 2.0bar on my stock block....Racegas & tuning....
Nice numbers btw.

Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
I want to, just can't get my Controller to behave. Going to pick up a manual controller this weekend.

It's a .82. Didn't Manny make 520+?

Stock IM and TB
2010-09-29 06:09:45
Good #s I think I if I could get my car to hold traction on the local mustang dyno I could do real well on it ....I hit 448whp on 18lbs on it , and on a down state dyno jet ( 248c ) with ice on the intercooler the car put out a speclitive 518whp with the slicks with the injectors a hair over 70 some odd percent duty at one of Bullseye turbos open house's.....I forget the torque , though , I think it has to read high though , I want to play with the tune more.....this PTE sc6262 has a ton more in it , we played with race gas one night at the shop , and where duing some street tunning a while back , and I ran out of pump quick as the duty on the injectors was climbing into the 90s and fuel pressure was dropping off , but there was no traction to be had , it sounds awsome as it bounces the revlimiter at 8700 , and the wastegate is screaming , I tell you with the PTE 6765 , you should be able to break 800whp with the right build.....I still want to tear mine back down and go to 90mm and run the 20V cams on my 6262 but I need more fuel before I play with it anymore , at the minumum another inline pump ....but these are thing it looked like you already had covered ...anyhow good luck it is looking great
2010-09-29 11:01:08
Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R

It's a .82. Didn't Manny make 520+?

Manny was right around 475-480 at 20 psi. When he went up to 23 psi the car made 523 so your car is right there. Only differences I see in the set up is that Manny had a ported N1 manifold with N1 TB and you have a better turbo manifold that Manny did. So maybe we can call it a was. Also Manny was on a SC-61 with a .63 back housing. His torque was a tad bit higher but, that may have been due to the smaller back housing.

Your car is very impressive!
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