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Thread: need help and advice

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2010-09-27 01:22:17
need help and advice
So my motor will be going in this week and i want to run 12-14lbs on the motor i hear a lot of mixed answers on the matter so i just want someone to help me out. I do know that alot of it goes into the tuning, if that's all that matters then okay i'll deal with that. Okay so i have a u13 bbdet it is pretty much stock, about the only thing on the motor is a nismo afpr. Setup is 370inj.,t25, nismo afpr, aem ems, stock motor, that's pretty much it. All help is appreciated.
2010-09-27 01:23:50
Sorry if i just got straight to the point but i just want to know will that be safe to run daily? given the tuning is on point.
2010-09-27 01:29:32
put some 550cc and run an open waste gate
2010-09-27 01:34:37
no problem at all on 14psi on that setup!

For a time in ran open wastegate on the T25 on 370cc injectors with no issues... pull hard... Loved the quick response on that small turbo
2010-09-27 03:52:37
open wastegate??hmm....i'm guessing the small t25 won't be able to harm the motor, right or wrong?
2010-09-27 14:14:06
you should be fine
2010-09-27 14:24:54
First of all, don't run open wastegate. Secondly, you don't need 550's on a T25 setup. You can run 370's at 4bar fuel pressure and you won't run out of fuel on a T25.

Next, You're blowing hot air past 14psi, so I would keep it around 10psi daily, and 12~13psi for fun.

Lastly, search. There's about 100 threads on this subject and they all have your particular mods. If you don't search, expect answers like "Run open Wastegate" or "T25 cannot hurt your motor" or, ELEVENTYBILLION HOARSEPOWAHZ!!!

Which is my favorite one to use on threads like this.


2010-09-27 14:55:19
^thats funny because I made an extra 30whp going from 14psi to 18psi on a t-25
2010-09-27 15:02:31
Congratulations. You like to run your small T25 turbo beyond it's efficiency range. At 18psi you blow tons of hot air, and if your system cant absorb/dissipate the heat, you will need to run a ton more fuel, less timing, and run the risk of detonation if you don't compensate.
2010-09-27 15:13:30
Something has gotten into Cliff.
He's starting to sound like me.
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