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Thread: anyone running one of these? pre-intercooler pipe

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2010-09-16 23:37:07
anyone running one of these? pre-intercooler pipe
has anyone used one of these or what are your thought on this. i am upgrading my intake side of my turbo setup to 3'' and was checking this site and found this kinda cool....it makes sense on the way its supposed to work, not sure if it would or not though. thoughts?

Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe
2010-09-17 00:05:16
Up grading your intake side? This will not do any good on the intake. But I know a local guy who ws using one on his hot side. He said he logged a noticable difference, he said it dropped temps pretty good.
2010-09-17 00:10:28
We had a good laugh about these on the e30 forum. =D
2010-09-17 00:47:41
well i am upgrading the piping on the intake side to 3'' becausei have the piping laying around. and its all matching piping verses what i have now is cleck and chrome pieces.

personally the ''gemic'' of them sounds good, weather or not they do work, i donno sounds good and the price is cheap but i donno
2010-09-17 01:11:36
In theory, this would be an effective way to transfer heat. I thought about trying something like this a long time ago, but really wasn't too sure of the best way to apply the heat-sinks. Aluminum is widely used, but copper is better at transferring heat. Not sure how that would look under the hood though.

I would think that more heat-sinks would be required to get a more measurable result, rather than just this one piece. I still think it's worth looking into a little more.
2010-09-17 04:20:04
Its funny. Air isn't going to be in that section of pipe long enough to do anything. Not to mention there is a boundary layer of air along the inside of that pipe that is going to negate most of the cooling effect.

I'm not a hater, but seriously I would like actual data proving anything like that would work.

It seems like trying to cool a computer chip with a single piece of tin-foil.
2010-09-17 05:42:12
^^Agreed. Your not going to be able to effectively cool the air inside the pipe without the fins reaching inside the pipe. Even then, you lose area inside the pipe for the air your trying to cool.

It's a good idea, but I just don't see it producing marginable results for something like this. Especially considering the amount of sinks that would be required to gain any real result. Maybe for all-out racing, where just a small amount of power increase means the difference in milliseconds on time?

I still think it's worth looking into a little further on a r&d perspective though.
2010-09-17 05:57:29
looks like it would soak up the heat in the bay and hold it on the pipe very well.
2010-09-17 14:31:36
yeah i dont think that it would work very efficenctly for a turbo side of the system, it doesnt seem like the air would flow over all the fins to cool it like its supposed to. i also agree it might soak more heat than anything causing the air temps to rise. i donno
2010-09-17 15:42:08
I just don't see it being practical for a street application. Now on the track, where there is constant airflow at higher speeds, this might prove useful.

Otherwise, for the street you will be combating underhood temps constantly, and soak more heat than you will disapate.
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