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Thread: Wanting to make an exhaust manifold

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2010-09-16 10:59:34
Wanting to make an exhaust manifold
As the title states, I'm looking into making my own manifold for a b14.

The one I have places the turbo between cyl 2 & 3....right in the middle. It works for now, but there is no room for a/c, and it's a little too close to the alternator.

I want something more like a log manifold that brings the turbo (t04) as close to the block as possible to allow for max clearance, and allow me to re-install the a/c compressor without interference with the 3" dp.

I've been thinking of using heavy gauge steam pipe bends, and 1/2" mild steel for flanges. That seems to be one of the best materials as far as durability and easy to work with.

Anyone have any advice that has made a manifold before? Especially for wg flange placement? I've seen them welded in all sorts of places. But what would be best?
2010-09-17 01:24:00
you mean like this?

2010-09-17 01:43:56
Very much like that. I'd love to have one of the protech's, but I just can't afford one. But I CAN afford the material to make one. I'd also like to try to improve on the runners, so to try to maximize flow as much as possible.

I'm also curious as to the best location for the wg flange for efficiency.
2010-09-17 01:50:10
Close to the turbo flange is the best place for it.
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