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Thread: jim wolf ecu problem

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2010-09-16 02:37:57
jim wolf ecu problem
to keep a long story short, im curious. basically, a jim wolf ecu was put on a friends car. every car the ecu went in, the tach stopped working. so something in the ecu was bad. now, in my car, everything worked fine, i had no issues other than no tach. friend blew his car up. hes claiming that if the tach wasnt working, the ecu was getting no tach signal, therefore the timing was off and thats why his motor blew. while ive entertained the possibility, it was fine in my car, and IF the ecu was NOT receiving a tach signal at all, and required one to function correctly, wouldnt this just essentially put the car into a locked 0 degrees timing setting? like when you disconect the tps sensor? i just dont see how this could kill a motor.....id think if the ecu had no tach signal it would just retard the timing? i dunno, maybe im stupid. on the other hand.....BEFORE they blew up the motor, in an effort to fix the tach not working, they dissasembled the ecu and found a blown resistor/transistor. not sure what it was but its was obviously fried. there was some burning on the board. now i said leave it be and send it back to wolf....or switch the daughter board to a fresh sr20 ecu, seing as it was the actual ecu that was damaged. anyway, they ignored me, and took a resistor out of a single cam ka ecu! i dont know if they are the same parts, but they didnt either! soldered it in......and im saying THATS what blew it up. just trying to end a long annoying debate.....and finally......wouldnt it go to say that if the tachs dont work in ANY car the ecu goes in, its probably likely that the ecu is getting a tach signal ANYWAYS, its just not getting to the gauges? hopefully yall foloow me....im just tired of getting blamed for shit that i have no responsibility for. bottom line, stock ecu board went bad, somehow its my fault. lol. just wanted to know for sure what happened, i think he just overboosted the stock de.
2010-09-16 02:57:46
The tach signal is an output from the ECU to the tach. The ECU uses the CAS as input to determine engine speed and crankshaft position.

2010-09-16 04:25:33
sorry, this is a fwd car.....no cas at all! just good ol reliable distributor and plug wires.
2010-09-16 04:26:04
were talking b13s here, to be specific. sorry.
2010-09-16 09:37:47
Dave is correct. The CAS is inside the Distributor. Tell your mate to man up and take responsibility for his problems.
2010-09-16 11:59:22
Ahhh.....ok. That makes more sense.....i wasnt thinking right last night lol. Yeah, that all seems to make sense. Ive just been curious, as theres been quite a lot of "you blew up my car" comments, and i wanted to make sure it wasnt directly my fault. So then, if he was having problems locking in his base timing, thats probably more attributed to the cas in the distributor? i guess i just want to confirm its not my fault, lol.
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