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Thread: Precision Turbo question

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2010-09-11 22:11:17
Precision Turbo question

I´m new at this forum.
And now, here is my question.

I purchased a new, relative uncertain SC61 6131RS 0.82 AR Turbo with a stage 3 65mm turbine wheel for a !really good price!. Ok, not up-to-date stuff.
I was going to a SC6262, but out of stock at the moment with 4 weeks delivery time.

The compressor wheel is the the same as in the GT3582R series turbochargers, 82mm. But, in my view, the stage 3 T31 turbine wheel is to small for 450 - 500 whp. The turbo is rated ~ 620 flywheel hp.
I have read a stage 3 wheel is good for 350 whp. My goals are 500 - 550 awhp.

Is it worth to install that damn thing for my power goals?

So long...
2010-09-11 22:14:11
I have a SC61 on my RB20 but it has the Stage 4 exhaust wheel on it with a .63 housing. I made close to 400hp @ only 17psi so ur goal of 500-550awhp should be with in reach.
2010-09-11 22:22:07
Hi Blue!

Thanks you for your quick reply.

400 hp@ 17 psi. Sounds good to me! I will chance it.
2010-09-12 14:38:58
i def think this turbo will meet your power goals. the 6262 is a really good turbo, but if you already have it i would just rock it and see what it does.
2010-09-12 18:59:22
After 11 hours of labor, mission PT6131 completed. Bye bye faulty little 3076......
Only needs fuel and ignitionmap tuning. I´m going to do it this week. Let´s see....

So long.
2010-09-12 21:43:35
good luck dude keep us posted
2010-09-12 22:22:32
2010-09-14 23:06:17

turbo feels good. not the best afr tune at the moment, but I think that turbo can scream after complete tuning. My engine has only ~ 300 miles since rebuild on the clock, that´s why I can´t pushed it over 6000. Boost starts at....hmmmm, not under 4000. Hehe. Let's put it like this: Fu**** laggy. But it doesn't bother me.
2010-09-14 23:23:00
sounds like your happy with it and thats all that matters..
2010-09-15 05:55:38
Lag is traction control lol.
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