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Thread: boost on s14

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2010-09-10 12:57:57
boost on s14
hey guys we not getting more than 10 lbs of boost on the s14. any help?
2010-09-10 15:03:06
boost leak?
checked the wastegate yet?
2010-09-10 15:13:54
check the wastegate if you are running internal. boost leak sounds like.

what psi are you supposed to run to
2010-09-10 16:39:33
the s14 is a stock s14 we just put on a manual boost controller and a boost gauge. stock boost we seeing about 6 psi. thats it stock actuator to (wastegate)
2010-09-10 17:02:35
More than likely your turbo gasket between the turbo and manifold is blown out. Very very common on rwd sr's. It has to go alot with the way the exhaust pulls on the turbo. Even worse if you dont have good hangers on the exhaust or it moves around or puts too much weight on the turbo.

Hell the last s14 into an s13 swap i did, the guys motor came with a blow gasket between there.

My buddy has had to change his 3 times now in the 2 years he has had the car after i did the swap in his. I would recomment getting some new nuts for them and crank them down as tight as you possibly can without breaking them and use the locking tabs that come stock on there. It will help them from backing off.

The weight of the exhaust pulling on that turbo just rips that gasket apart and its a metallic gasket as well. My buddies s13 motor made 9psi off the wastegate alone. My s14 swap i did made 10-11psi off the gate. You should have been seeing 9-11psi from the t28 wastegate stock with no boost controller. He knew his motor had a problem when he was only seeing 6-7psi and it was laggy. Look for soot all over the front of the block. That will be a dead giveaway.
2010-09-10 17:08:53
There could be a number of things wrong. Making it so it won't build more than 10 lbs.

Don't just look at one thing.

2010-09-10 17:24:05
ok i replace the turbo gasket about 2 months ago and the bolts is very very tight. u think it might be bleeding of boost any where in the intake? like the recirculating valve?
2010-09-10 17:27:33
How is it not building no more 10 lbs? Like does it get to 10 and stop... or what? Could be a

wastegate problem, boost leak, bov leaking by, etc. what's the shape of the turbo? if it's in

rough shape and has a large amount of shaft play it could have messed up the compressor

wheel and not making boost that way. Like I said there are a number of things that are a

basic boost issue area's that need to be checked.

2010-09-10 19:15:05
ok i would check the turbo wheels ect. i would let u guys know
2010-09-10 19:18:43
im also thinking blow off valve or wastegate contribution to this problem
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