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Thread: EVC-6 Boost management

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2010-09-08 00:47:23
EVC-6 Boost management
Hi All,

I'm currently using EVC6 to control boost and some features I've used so far was amazing specifically the scramble boost in which I can add up 3.5 or so Psi to my max boost for a few more seconds.

I've also tried searching some infos about this unit on other forums and I was wondering on who else have been using this unit on DET engines that's open to share some vital infos and other features used from this.

Thank you and regards to all.
2010-09-08 01:01:46
My own experience

Initially, I'd dialed in 10.0 psi and found that the unit was very close, giving me 10.4-10.5psi so I backed off the offset to "92" from "100" a couple points at a time followed by a couple 3rd/4th gear mid RPM pulls. That did the trick. Unfortunately, the problem I was having came at throttle onset and with shifts. The unit would spike horribly up to 13psi before getting boost back under control. When I increased my boost setting to 12psi (working up towards my 13.5-14psi goal on 96oct) I found that the spike was getting even worse and it concerned me because I didn't want to get into fuel cut or damage the engine.

What I found after some research from other forums was that in some cars because the turbos are so SMALL (OEM t25 on u13) and spool so quickly, especially with a free flowing exhaust, you need to set the actuator pressure on the wastegates HIGHER than the actual spring pressure. By experimentation, I followed suit and set the wastegate spring pressure therefore allowing the WG to begin to open slightly before the EVC began to intervene (from 7psi opening to 10psi EVC control) and this TOTALLY eliminated the spike on throttle opening and on gear changes. I may get a 0.1-0.3psi spike MAX. I then had to increase the offset slightly to hit my target boost. Now that this is done, My current setting is 12psi and the unit will spike to 12.5 psi MAX and in most cases won't spike at all. I will say, that spool up "may" be just slightly slower compared to the original WG setting in the unit but it is really hard to tell.

The unit also has many other ways to adjust the boost curve, either by TPS, or RPM or BOTH or with SPEED and/or RPM with or without using offset compensation. So as you can see, there are many extra features available. There are different peak hold settings and the scale on the circular graph can be changed to any preset value.
2010-09-09 01:54:27
got to love the EVC it sure has come along way since the 4 which I have.
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