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Thread: How to get to 4-450whp

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2010-09-10 19:22:33
i say 72lb injects would suit you fine. or 750cc
2010-09-10 20:02:16
what boost level? would me set up take it?
2010-09-10 20:26:28
I'm sending a set of 550cc suby's to witchhunter to be drilled and flowed to 800cc, fairly cheap to do also, considering I got the injectors for less than a hundred bucks.
2010-09-10 21:52:01
^ that doesnt sound like a bad deal, wonder how much dsm 550s can be drilled and flowed to this might be a good idea for others whom are looking for good cheap higher flowing injectors.

and as far as boost levels, what is your setup consisting of again?
2010-09-10 22:52:17
Originally Posted by TOOQIKK
i want to get to this power level using a gti-r motor with bc stage II cams, retainers and springs , tubular manifold and a t3/t4 turbo, 3" dp and side exit exhaust, nismo fpr, have stock and jgy fuel rail(dont know which one to use),gspec crank and w/p pulleys, no p/s, no a/c, a jwt ecu(already had so gonna use it), a fmic, and a n60 blow threw MAF... what injectors should i use?and what boost level should i have to run?

2010-09-10 23:25:19
Originally Posted by TOOQIKK

this turbo which is what you appear to have is only good to about 450-475hp

T3/T4E, 57Trim Compressor, StageIII Turbine : atpturbo.com

you will need to run over 20psi to hit 400whp.
2010-09-11 00:29:08
what do you think i would make running 19 high and 12 low?
and what if i were to only use the stock gtir injectors what kinda power would i expect...
2010-09-11 01:12:36
well for one the injectors might limit you on the ammount of power you are able to make, keep in mind with more boost more fuel is needed and if you max out the injectors your in turn going to be limited on boost. at least until you get bigger injectors.

high 19 i feel a good 375ish give or take and 12 probably low 300s to high 200 give or take, this also depends on the tune & where the injectors give out at.
2010-09-11 01:17:24
Originally Posted by TOOQIKK
and what if i were to only use the stock gtir injectors what kinda power would i expect...

You seriously need to read this:

2010-09-11 01:30:25
yeah i found that...thanks ben!
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