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Thread: 915hp FWD SR20det (take a look)!!!

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2010-09-06 17:14:18
915hp FWD SR20det (take a look)!!!
YouTube - Hot Wok Racing dynoes 915 hp!
2010-09-06 17:16:42
SR20DE engine from Nissan Primera GT:

*JE pistons
*Saenz rods
*Stock crank
*Stock valves
*Custom cams
*Springs and retainers from Kelford Cams
*Custom intake with 75mm TB
*Iveco truck IC
*3.5" exhaust
*Custom tubular manifold
*Garrett GT42R turbo
*Dual Bosch -044 pumps
*Bosch 1600cc injectors
*Autronic SMC standalone

Result: 915hp/883Nm at 2.9 bar.

Tranny? Volvo 850 5-speed gearbox and axles. Volvo brakes as well.
2010-09-06 17:56:29
ehhh It's aight.
2010-09-06 18:17:22
42 psi of boost. haha
2010-09-06 19:15:06

Found some more

YouTube - Nissan Cherry - HotWork - Test burn

YouTube - Nissan Cherry - HotWork
2010-09-06 19:16:08
ya thats good power. I have seen a gt45r wrx on 45psi only make around 850whp. Thats really really really good power for a gt42r on 42psi. SR20 for the win! How much do you think it would go down for drive train loss?
2010-09-06 19:19:11
Nevermind google to the rescue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Cherry
2010-09-06 19:39:33
Lots of power but seems like they are using a really bad geared trans. They are only going through the traps in 3rd gear and losing a lot of time in 1st gear from bogging. But great power thats for sure. They just need to do something about the gearing.
2010-09-06 19:40:04
Something is wrong there. If you do 15% drive train loss that still makes 777 hp to the wheels. THis thing only gets a 10.5 sec quarter mile?? I'm not a drag racer but shouldn't it be faster then that with that much power? I doubt that the cherry is much heavier than a B13 Sentra.

Cool power numbers but I definitely think it should be faster than a 10.5 quarter mile.
2010-09-06 19:46:03
the 15% deal doesnt work like that always. As you go higher in hp the drivetrain sucks up a less % of power.

Just as a ZR1 corvette is rated at what? 640hp or something along those lines and it puts down 604whp or so. That doesnt equate anywhere near 15% drivetrain loss. Your trans is only gonna suck up soo much power. Your drivetrain isnt gonna become more restrictive as your power gets higher is basicly what im saying.

Our cars stock are rated at 140hp at the crank and usually put down between 115-120whp so 20-25hp loss from crank to wheels. You can almost bet this number will stay true unless changes are made to brakes, tires, air pressure in the tires, and soo on. So in reality a motor of ours making 700 crank hp should put down 675-680whp again but most of the time you would be on slicks at a low tire pressure to hold traction on the dyno so thats gonna suck up more power as well.

Anyways back on subject.
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