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Thread: FWD SR20DETT doable?

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2010-09-03 19:21:55
these are really good setups. thats whay they run them in the diesel industry.

CAT C-15 Dual turbo
2010-09-04 00:35:40
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra

Just some pics i found

i think its a given that the sr20dett on the 240s are great for drifting with the powerband smaller sized turbos like these would produce.
2010-09-05 10:36:10
is it a fact that no one has ever done this on a FWD ?
2010-09-05 13:33:37
Nope. I know of a twin parallel turbo setup done on a Dodge Shadow. I'm sure it's been done plenty of times.
2010-09-05 17:34:08
It doesn't seem like you would get great response from two regular sized turbos on a 4 cylinder. You would have to run two really small turbos I would think to get the response. It's a cool looking setup, but in the end it's just not worth it from a $$$, and power perspective.
2010-09-05 17:43:00
twin t25's could be nice
2010-09-05 20:31:52
I assume we don't want to talk about this thing.

I think we've discussed it before actually. Or maybe that was a different forum.
2010-09-05 20:50:55
Personally I like to see at least 3 cylinders per turbo, so a twin turbo 4 cylinder doesn't make sense to me unless you can do something tricky to make it work well or for some reason it makes sense for financial or other odd reasons. Variable geometry turbos could maybe make up for a lot of the problems, but they are very expensive right now and if you have a properly sized variable geometry turbo then one of those would be perfect for a four cylinder and there would be almost no reason to use two of them (unless the single turbos on the market don't flow enough air for your huge power goals).
2010-09-05 21:20:26
^ thats a mean turbo setup what head is that from?
2010-09-05 21:23:45
thats an evo 8 4g63 head. Oil cap, front cover and valve cover give it away.
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