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Thread: FWD SR20DETT doable?

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2010-09-03 00:37:18
Originally Posted by 718boyz
damn that's a genesis... crazy

Yeah the guy is building the motor too should be crazy to see if the trans can keep up with the hp it's going to make.
2010-09-03 01:02:12
Originally Posted by QUiKSR20
Yeah really dont see the point as most cars that come factory twin turbo ( non v6 ) convert to singles most of the time. IE: Supra / RX7 etc. I dont really see the benifit or the reason for the complexity vs the returns.

It's a good point, we were thinking if the "juice is worth the squeeze" or its just another wank factor. The level of difficulty vs. the returns might not be worth it if we've already found a way to come close to a linear power curve.

Fabrication of welds I don't think will be an issue its the tunning that's a bitch. Will it idle good? will a/f be stable? etc... We do have an 8860 EMS Motorsports standing by but, I've searched in most forums of sr20 enthusiast and didn't find much about it......

We're probably smoking too much again to even think of this when in the end it could be pointless.
2010-09-03 01:05:37
ok i digress THAT is a sick ass setup.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but still if you really wanted a nice setup it seems like it might be prewtty pricey if you get halfway decent turbos, its definitly a way to run larger turbos on our engines without huge lag, however i dont think this would be for a budget builder, but the benifits would definitly be worth the price paid.

however although its not unusual for our engines to run huge turbos as some do, like expressed in other posts the transmission to ratio of power output these turbos will putout. its obvious if you really wanted to make huge power investing in the transmission is going to have to be a must.

hell even the p11 transmission might not be enough for the type of power you could make with say a gt35r and a t88h lol for shits and giggles. but this type of setup allows for a new ball park of power out of our engines
2010-09-03 01:24:53
YouTube - Twin-Turbo Honda Civic runs 10.59 @ 139 MPH

Heres an old Twin Turbo Civic , Never really put down any better #'s than the single turbo guys but did always sound responsive.
But in FWD unless your on slicks your not putting the power down regardless on the street.
2010-09-03 03:30:45
what about stacking the turbos? Just get a sidewinder manifold and put a large turbo on that with a smaller infront of it. With the battery relocated to the trunk there is plenty of room for this
2010-09-03 07:21:45
wouldn't the small turbo in front restrict the larger turbo?
2010-09-03 07:30:07
id say minimal.
depending on how efficient you setup the wastegate to it
2010-09-03 07:32:19
somebody should do it then....somebody with a lot of money
2010-09-03 17:17:16
that civic does sound responsive...
2010-09-03 18:36:07

Just some pics i found
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