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Thread: FWD SR20DETT doable?

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2010-09-02 14:12:23
those sequential turbo systems are quite complex, too complex for Amateurs i think.
Even AMS changed back in the very last minute to single turbo on their 4G63-demo-motor for a big motor-buildup-competition sponsored by some oil company. The big problem was to make the changeover smooth, thats very hard to realize. Despite that AMS won the competition.

Proffessionally done those sequential setups can be wonderful, look at rx7 FD, supra mk4, Volkswagen 1,4TFSI (compressor and turbo), BMW 123d, Merced C250CDI....
2010-09-02 14:26:19
Definitely dino, which led me to think about another project LOL. They already make a supercharger kit for the QR motor, so just make a QR25DEST. But, alas, again no funds.

It would achieve the same goal, just have the SC spool up the a large turbo faster...

Some day...
2010-09-02 14:28:06
Dual sequential is so 90's. It's all about the dual compound setups now.
2010-09-02 14:29:21
Originally Posted by mirrortints
It would achieve the same goal, just have the SC spool up the a large turbo faster...
Twin charged is another way to go for sure, but you have the order backwards. You can do it the way you describe, but usually it's done the other way around.

twin charged civic - Honda-Tech
2010-09-02 14:49:05
YouTube - Marc's 2JZ Turbo Compound Setup

YouTube - Marc's Track run with Commentary
2010-09-02 15:26:52
you can tell in that 2nd video where its in first and 2nd gears the rear is really squatting down. pretty sweet setup but would be pretty pricey i think
2010-09-02 15:32:41
i think if you can do all the welding and fab yourself, it shouldnt be that bad.
2010-09-02 15:41:02
well i mean it would depend on the turbos and the quality of the parts in the setup i was thinking if you used say a 28rs and a 2871r just for example the price of the turbos alone would be pretty high. although you could go with a lower grade turbo setup. but it seems worth it
2010-09-02 15:44:40
I think the idea of a small ar 2871r with a gt40 is a good combo
2010-09-02 17:54:33
Twin turbo SR20DE:

Not my pic - was in a for sale ad I saw awhile back, don't think it was on the
forum, can't recall where.
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