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Thread: Boost + lean problems

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2010-09-01 14:37:44
Ok i just happen to look at the "s13 maf " and come to find out it a regular de maf ! I checked the part # from adreas's chart he posted on maf's and hp's ! WTF . The same place i bought the motor from sold me the maf and said it was a red top det Maf and would work with the w11 ecu . It also has a walbro and about two months ago I had to replace it as the old walbro to a crap . But I used the old sock over . I'll pull it out and throw a new one on . It does feel like it misfires starting around 4k at half throttle . But I want to check the w/g first.
2010-09-01 14:54:53
The MAF should fix your problem
2010-09-01 16:43:28
On the hunt for one right now /\ . anyone got one layin around ?
2010-09-01 18:35:04
check the classifieds or on the ''other'' forum for the mafs
2010-09-15 03:57:40
Update ... Raplaced the waste gate and bam problem fixed and feels stronger then before I had dynoed two weeks ago making 241 . but now I killed the clutch disc . Crap ! It was only a jwt level 1 Rated for 250ftlbs i belive ? Let's just say me and a srt4 had a scuffle and he saw my tail lights on the firts run when the clutch started to slip and then on the second shot is when it took a poop . So yesterday i slapped in a act 6puck disc i had sitting around (thanks to fubar102 for the disc )I'm not sure what level the disc is (no part #) but its brand new and works and feels great with the jwt p/p . I'll update once I get the correct maf and tune it .
2010-09-15 15:00:46
glad you got it fixed,
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