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Thread: Finished new intercooler setup, pics up now.

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2010-08-23 13:54:48
No, the CM30 is absolutely not a re-badged Bosch. Both Mercedes and Ford use the Bosch in their AW setups, and both fail frequently. You can pickup the CM30 for $125.
2010-08-23 14:10:55
Looks like it, but could just be the quality of pics I am looking at and it just being same type of pump design.

Interesting first I've heard of frequent failures. Know a bunch of Lightning guys (and a whole forum of them) that have never had any major issues and I've had one for a while now with no issues either. I'll ask some Lightning buddies if they have ever heard about this issue.

And yes $125 is more than a Bosch costs.
2010-08-24 00:58:21
I'm not really concerned about the longevity of this motor. If it lasts 10K miles it has served its purpose for me. Not like they are expensive. Brakes get changed just as often and are more expensive lol.

So today I drove to work about 15 miles. I drove pretty hard. Had some fun. So I park the car in the lot and get out to see a puddle forming under the car. "Just great! Another leak!"

So I check pump operation and the reservoir capacity. The Res is full. "Huh?"

Coolant levels are full, yet there is water starting to puddle on the ground now and I'm still a little worried. I see water dripping from the intercooler, the whole underside of the car was wet and there were droplets of water all over the intercooler! Then I started to figure it out. There was a ton of condensation on the intercooler lol. Had me so worried but it is nuts to see that much condensation on the cooler. Especially since it's Utah and the air here is really dry.

But the IC stayed cool to the touch. Just now I got home and the IC wasn't even warm. Didn't feel like cold steel, but wasn't really warm either... if that makes sense. Considering it was a 15 mile drive, the temps are completely reasonable. It gets about no hotter than the old A/A setup did, but with much shorter piping. I have a coolant temp sender I was thinking about putting in to see how hot she gets.
2010-08-24 13:08:38
I run the Jabsco pump ....it is rebuildable , and it works great , A2W is awsome .....my under hood temps are hot as well but the intercooler works great , I am going to stay A2A on the EVO though .....how much more responsive is the twn scroll , I am thinking of picking up a housing for the GT35r to give it a try ...
2010-08-24 23:41:20
the transient respond is night and day. At 4000rpm you stab it, she goes. No wait for 3 seconds while building boost. Seriously, the car is stupid responsive. the TS will literally spool the turbo as quickly as the turbo can support before surging. The larger housing really helped with the surge issues I had. The .78 seemed to spool too quickly and would surge all the time.
2010-08-25 19:29:16
to proceed with the off topic: Jason, how early do you reach 14psi if you start from 1500RPM in 5th gear. Could you please check that during your next drive. I expect 3400rpm, thanks

2010-08-26 00:37:21
I build 10psi by around 3700 in 4th. Actually, right when the VVL hits. I could try kicking the VVL sooner, but I don't know if I will get desirable results. The wastegates open softly. I could prob hit boost faster with an electronic controller.

Keep in mind, higher elevation does slightly affect turbo spool, as it requires a higher shaft speed to reach a given boost level. Also, engine VE is reduced at higher alt as well. It may spool a little quicker at sea level. Who knows.
2010-08-26 01:31:58
So are you using ice at all with the IC now?
2010-08-26 06:51:56
nope. Haven't really had to. The water temp hasn't gotten over ambient yet. I could always add a reservoir and fill it with ice. Not sure how much difference it would make.
2010-08-26 08:56:46
If it is an option defiantly do it at least for special events. Maybe throw some dry ice in the water.

These guys took the water to air to the next level but it gives you an idea. ARE Cooling (Aluminium Radiators & Engineering P/L)

It will shift your compressor map so you can run less boost or whatever.

You aren't going to be seeing -118° F or anything so you shouldn't be anywhere close to the point of needing a retune.
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