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Thread: Finished new intercooler setup, pics up now.

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2010-08-22 05:14:21
Finished new intercooler setup, pics up now.
Well guys, I finished my new a/w intercooler setup. Had the boys at Element Racing weld some piping and do a little fab work. Then I took the car home and mounted the pump, heat exchanger, and made a new battery hold-down.

So far the car runs completely different with the 3" piping. The MAF is on a large straight, and no more reducer couplers! I got a knockoff tial BOV mounted in the fender that creates a bit more surge than i like though.

I took it out last night and the car felt incredible for 10psi. Better than ever before. The idle is a lot better, but sorta low for my motor mounts. 800rpm. So I will likely bump it to 1000 and leave it.

So while driving the throttle response seems really good. Slightly improved, quite noticeable though. The car pulls really well for about 5 minutes

So I look under the car and there is a small drip on the intercooler. A slight leak at one of the fittings. But even though the pump was running, the intercooler was very hot. The heat exchanger on the front of the car was completely cool. So I guess all I have to do is figure out why the pump doesn't wanna move any water. Even with the small drip I tried filling and burping the system and it didn't really help. So I have to troubleshoot that.

Other than that, my IC setup is very clean, very compact, and def a one-of-a-kind setup. Never seen one like it. But with the quick spooling GT30R with the twin-scroll and super short piping, the response is very very nice.
2010-08-22 07:26:15
ok I got it circulating water. Turns out you have to force feed the pump some water to get it started with pumping. Now it seems to work fine, just gotta add my super custom, trick, badass reservoir to the mix and we'll be ready to rock and roll.
2010-08-22 13:35:14

2010-08-22 13:40:36
^ x2
2010-08-22 15:20:30
Love me some A2W setups Post pics when you can. Subscribing.
2010-08-22 20:49:07
A reservoir is pointless unless u plan on filling it with ice. Would be nice to see some pics to compair to my setup.
2010-08-22 21:12:49
I had to run a reservoir in order to purge all the air from the system. I will post pics here in a bit. The setup seems to work ok. But the underhood temps get very hot still. The water in the reservoir never seemed to get over 100* or so, and it is 90*F outside. I will finish mounting the bumper and making a more permanent reservoir. Then the pics will come.

The idle is tons better, but slightly erratic at times. I think this is because my crankcase is vented to atmosphere and at idle the pcv is pulling some unmetered air. Runs perfect when cold, but when warm the car tends to have some idle-fits and then smooths back out. Seems totally random.

I cut some holes in the hood to help with temps, though they don't have any lips to create a low pressure area, I am hoping they will help vent some heat at a stop light. They don't look as ghetto as I thought they would. A CF hood would be a nice addition, but all the Nissan ones I have seen have terrible fitment issues.
2010-08-22 21:32:33
a water cooled IC-setup....sounds interresting....waiting for pics
2010-08-22 22:06:13
i wanna see some pics.

coheed did you ever dyno this set up ? welli guess before the ic upgrade..

2010-08-22 22:10:46
how big of a heat exchanger did you use?
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