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Thread: Finished new intercooler setup, pics up now.

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2010-08-23 02:18:16
Originally Posted by blairellis
Love me some A2W setups Post pics when you can. Subscribing.

Me 2z.
2010-08-23 02:22:01
I can't really get a good idea on what the size of the intercooler is from the pics. What are the dimensions of the a2w ic itself? Also, where is your reservoir?
2010-08-23 03:10:07
This is the cooler I am using.
Long Flow Style Water to Air Intercooler

It is pretty compact but supposedly supports 600hp or something. I don't ever plan on making that much so it fits my setup perfectly.

The reservoir is a 1qt bottle just in front of the battery. I didn't have it in the pics because the silicone was drying. It is a Wal Mart tupperware container, but works. I really wanted something clear so I could make sure the pump was working correctly. This allows me to see the flow. It's not much better than the Sprite bottle I was using before. But it isn't as tall so it fits better lol.
2010-08-23 03:11:32
Originally Posted by wnwright
Yeah don't get me wrong they work... But they don't take coolant mixes and/or high temperatures well... It won't kill you when it fails so it isn't a big deal.

Interested in your thoughts and results with turbo going from a-a to w-a.

I wonder how hot this water will get. The pump is mounted after the cooler, so hopefully it doesn't see too much heat.
2010-08-23 03:39:35
Nice I will be using an a2w setup as well on my drag car. Pretty inexpensive for what it does.
2010-08-23 04:11:16
If you have any room between the heat exchanger and radiator run a fan and you should look at running a water temp sensor in the circuit so you know if the pump stops.

Looks good.
2010-08-23 04:13:57
Dont get a Bosch pump. Get a Johnson CM30. It is half the size of what you have, and flows perfect for your application. I have worked with a lot of air-water setups. I briefly considered an air-water setup, as I have everything needed already from other projects. However, I opted for water injection instead. Much more bang for the buck But the setup looks pretty good.
2010-08-23 12:21:56
i am actually doing water meth injection also this winter
2010-08-23 12:45:54
Originally Posted by code3smith
Dont get a Bosch pump. Get a Johnson CM30.

Why not?

Bosch is OEM for Ford supercharged engines and has been proven to work great.

The CM30 looks like more expensive rebadged version of the Bosch.
2010-08-23 12:48:18
Originally Posted by Coheed
I wonder how hot this water will get. The pump is mounted after the cooler, so hopefully it doesn't see too much heat.

Depends on what you do. Spirited driving it won't get hot really.

I have seen my temps get up into the 130s on 100F days during time trial sessions.
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