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Thread: Finished new intercooler setup, pics up now.

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2010-08-22 22:37:04
in for pics
2010-08-22 22:54:07
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
in for pics

2010-08-22 23:52:55
Originally Posted by STRATTON
i wanna see some pics.

coheed did you ever dyno this set up ? welli guess before the ic upgrade..


Never did dyno this setup on high boost with the old intercooler. It went fast at the track, trapped 122mph which is probably around 440-450whp up here at least. Corvette ZO6 only trap around 118 or so. I would have trapped higher, but higher boost runs made the intercooler piping blow off no matter what I did.

I don't have much faith in this GT30R TS turbo to make 500whp without running 30psi of boost up here. That is around 25-26psi at sea level all things considered.

I don't think it is at the 500whp mark though. My boost controller won't allow me to run any more than about 25psi of boost. But since I put on the A/W setup it should be good for another psi or so because of less pressure drop. Who knows.

One day I hope for 500whp, but it seems difficult to get there for me. On race gas I'm sure I could bump the timing and get there though.
2010-08-22 23:54:17
Originally Posted by turbotank
how big of a heat exchanger did you use?

Heat exchanger is 26x7x2 or something. Air to Water Radiator
2010-08-23 00:06:02
Ok sorry for the wait. Turns out the iPhone takes an hour to email pics.

Here is the pump mounted in the fender well behind the bumper. Keep in mind it isn't quite finished yet.

Here you can just about see the intercooler. It is mounted right off the turbo and shoots right into the fender.

You can see the intercooler below the battery.

Under the hood.

Yes, I know these vents are kinda ricey. But the underhood temps are getting over 200* constantly with the turbo running hard. Funtion over form I guess.

Well, if anything, the vents do make her look a little more aggressive.

The heat exchanger looks like a front mount. Car looks great. I am about 95% finished with the setup.
2010-08-23 01:00:14
Enjoy it. Same exchanger and IC I have in my miata.

Should have gotten the Bosch pump tho... It was designed for this type of application.
2010-08-23 01:01:39
the piping looks 100% better jeremy, you running a o ring between that maf adaptor and mafs ?
2010-08-23 01:19:13
yeah the o ring is in there. Also there is a rubber gasket.
2010-08-23 01:20:10
Originally Posted by wnwright
Enjoy it. Same exchanger and IC I have in my miata.

Should have gotten the Bosch pump tho... It was designed for this type of application.

yea, the rule pump works decent. When it goes bad I will get the bosch. But it came with the kit for only $200. I bought it used off a friend. But it worked awesome on his car. I am hoping the hood vents help with the underhood heat.
2010-08-23 01:55:32
Yeah don't get me wrong they work... But they don't take coolant mixes and/or high temperatures well... It won't kill you when it fails so it isn't a big deal.

Interested in your thoughts and results with turbo going from a-a to w-a.
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