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Thread: officially think my car needs rebuild

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2010-08-21 22:31:32
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Damn... Sounds like excessive blow-by then. =(

Unless something is majorly clogged cortrim said, or the PCV check valve completely failed.

Agree with checking PCV Valve. If it's stuck open, you're pressurizing the crank case. THIS is why I'd rather not run one at all with a DET/VET. They don't do anything for you, especially with a boosted setup.
2010-08-21 22:33:19
ashton, so your built engine just threw out a little oil from the VC but apart from that it was fine?

Mine is doing that at 16psi, but it runs good...
I need to setup the catch can so the oil wont be all over the engine bay while on 16psi... the oil "spitting" is little to none while on 8psi daily drive boosting...
2010-08-21 22:48:40
Its just the crankcase pressurizing a bit. Again mine was from my top ring being stuck flat in the groove so the ring was not putting full tension on the cylinder walls.

I had the problem from the very beginning of the build but i put 10k miles of torture and 30psi on it on race and 20psi daily and it never got worse or went away. it was just always there.

Here are pics:

I took a normal catch can that had an inlet and outlet and drilled and tapped a new hole on top for the filter fitting and had two inlets one breather outlet.

Only issue i had with this and removing the pcv is during cold startups you will get a lot of gas buildup in the catch can because of gas vapors going by the rings during cold starts. I just drained my catch can maybe every 3-4 weeks of driving. It wasnt full or anything, it was just starting to show on the little clear level hose on the side of the can so its not a whole lot.

This eliminated blowing oil vapors all over my engine bay and making crap all dusty and messy. Worked like a charm and also prevented my dipstick from blowing out anymore just adding a second crankcase vent. I still kept it secured just in case though.
2010-08-21 23:22:29
nice solution...
I was thinking just hooking up the hose from the breather to the catch can and call it a day, just so the oil wont be all over the bay...

Mine started doing this when I installed the new turbo setup on february... but it hardly ever sees the 16psi, since I can only run it with meth and I just have a hard ass time getting my hands on meth... Im getting tired of running the most of 12psi without meth

nice looking IM!

I just hope my engine holds it together for like 8 more months or so

BTW, during daily driving, did it ever try to overheat with that small radiador? im guessing honda radiator...

Damn man if that car with that setup was a beast, cant imagine what your new setup is gonna make...
2010-08-21 23:27:43
I have always had some blow-by, more under high boost. Im sure you guys have seen the honda boys catch can set-ups. They run four -10 lines off their valve covers! I have thought about adding another, but I don't run 30psi enough to justify it
2010-08-21 23:55:57
The big honda boys run a total of 6 lines off their motor for venting the crankcase. Its very common on big boost setups to get blowby, almost innevitable. Mine had more than i would have liked because of the problem with the top ring but it was by far livable.

They run 4 off the valve cover and two off the back of the block where they had plugs from the factory.

They just dont want to be blowing any oil over the bay or onto the ground and it also helps the engine when under that much boost if you keep the crankcase from pressurizing.

Im keeping my 2, -8 hose vents like i had in that setup on my next. It worked great and i dont see any issues coming up from keeping it that way.
2010-08-22 05:12:32
see the thing was i never had this issue before, and i find it harder to start the car now so there is something going on.

i might just swap a the stock motor back in... or we see i am looking for new parts. rods and pistons and barrings

i dont yet i migh try a catch can see if that helps
2010-08-22 06:19:54
The car will start to sound like a subaru once the cylinder gets weaker. So if the cranking during startup isnt nice and smooth and has that little speedup during a cylinders compression stroke its a dead giveaway that ring lands are messed up.
2010-08-22 14:02:09
then she is dead.. i did a leak down test this morning and cylinder 4 does hold psi. also yestarday i drove it hit a little boost, i pulled over popped the oil cap and wow the smoke that came out.... its needs a rebuild... time to source out parts

i was thinking a set of cp pistons, eagel rods, and acl barrings, arp studs... or any suggestions


2010-08-22 14:53:07
My suggestions: sr16ve pistons, gtir rods, stock head bolts.
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