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Thread: DE+T at 12psi?

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2010-08-24 04:24:13
11 is good 10 is to rich if you can get that 11 you'll feel a difference. with my gt30 i made 324 with afr at 10.4 @ 15psi lowered fuel pressure turned boost down to 12-13psi and made 346hp afr at 11.9 wot
2010-08-24 04:30:14
when I had my t25 on my de+t I made 235whp at 10psi with a de maf, but my computer was tuned for 8:5.1. With a 9:5.1 tune I made 225whp
2010-08-24 04:31:29
yeah, 10s is way to rich, I always like to stay on safe side of tune (same as bahamass it seems), and my car was tuned to 11.8-12.0 afr on WOT, made good power considering the basic setup it had.
2010-08-24 19:44:57
I would not tune it around the top of fifth gear but I don't ever put my car at the top of fifth.10s is too rich so check your oil more often, if you smell gas you may be washing down and thinning it out. Sounds like your setup is ok to drive on and have fun though. YMMV.
2010-08-25 01:33:55
Go, with N62 or N60
2010-08-25 16:55:34
Originally Posted by alfsentra
Go, with N62 or N60

That's all I run. I don't understand why you would not do it. The N60 don't fail on me and they are dirt cheap. So are the N62. I have like 4-5 on the shelf total. I even run them NA because they are easier for me to lay my hands on.
2010-08-26 23:54:58
i got a couple n60 mafs lol
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