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Thread: Should I go 9.5 or Stay 8.5

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2010-08-17 21:58:28
Originally Posted by STRATTON
yeah a t25 is a very small turbo, you can get away with that. i ran a 10:1 t25, s4, tmic and jwt ecu for about a year or so. go bored very quickly ! still fun though.

ive been reading alot about meth injection lately, very cool.


ya we will see how it holds up on the 60 trim but if it doesn't hold oh well time to bore out the cylinders. I do feel that with the water/meth injection the chances of blowing the ring lands should be decreased.
2010-08-18 02:41:38
Originally Posted by STRATTON
this is true^. i went to 87mm due to the fact i broke a ring land and melted a bit of the piston, so to insure the cyclinder was straight and perfect, boring was a must.

yes, i wanted to go with a 4cw crank my self but couldnt score one it time.

spec the crank, bearings and install !


How much boost are you running on your 87mm bore? And what turbo?
2010-08-18 02:56:23
im running 18psi. t28718r .86 ex housing. i made 400whp.

2010-08-18 03:07:18
Originally Posted by STRATTON
im running 18psi. t28718r .86 ex housing. i made 400whp.


Hmm, you think the cylinder walls could handle 20 psi from a 6262 on 9.0:1? Well 20 psi at the strip, 15 psi daily
2010-08-18 03:11:28
20psi on a 6262 should put you at what 430-450whp ? sure why not.

2010-08-18 05:20:05
You have a DET right? If you do, some material will need to be removed from the pistons to clear the oil squirters. Are you planning on balancing that crank? Unless you're using the same exact rods, and pistons in the same cylinder positions from the donor engine the reciprocating weight will be off.
2010-08-18 20:19:12
I'm going to leave the DET engine alone and just swap it in. Now I will take the spare RR that I have, and start building that for fun. Then eventually swap everything into one of my G20's
2010-08-18 21:04:56
One of my favorite set ups was a 10:1 engine with a gt2871r, s4's, and an o2 induction im. It was insanely fun to drive. I would still be running that engine but i had an injector fail at 20psi which melted the #3 piston.

I would say a 10:1 with boost and meth would be great. But if you do stay with the 8.5:1 bottom end you will be much safer with the lower grade gas, and be able to run more boost or a larger turbo.
2010-08-18 22:29:26
I think I might just leave the Wastegate spring at 11.5 PSI instead of 7 psi then. Just gotta make sure I don't run out of injectors when I first go for a ride
2010-08-18 23:41:11
What injectors and turbo are you gonna run?
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