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Thread: Come Get Your MBC's

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2010-08-23 05:00:17
Got mine, looks pretty good. Is a fairly easy setup too. Meh though will save me time finding the right parts.

The only gripe I have against it is, mine came with silver Allen screw not a black one ....
2010-08-23 06:18:51
I recently installed one of these. Boost is more on/off than progressive but its not a night and day difference. Definitely kept my wastegate more steady up top. Just dip into boost slowly. Mine came set to allow 16psi. It definitely made my car faster but I dialed it back after 2-3 pulls.
2010-08-23 12:24:23
Can it make your boost be below wastegate preset limit? My TurboSmart one says it can but I just can't really put my finger on how it would work. It would basically have to force the wastegate to see higher pressure then it really is. Maybe it doesn't bleed the air and pressurizes it through a small hole?
2010-08-23 13:15:30
No way Vadim, that's BS from TurboSmart.
2010-08-23 13:33:42
Not sure if they actually claimed it, just looking at the gauge and it says - on it. If I recall correctly if you turn it all the way to the -, it lets no air through, at least from mouth pressure.
2010-08-23 15:38:30
There is no way it can get your boost below wastegate threshold. The pin hole leaks air and some people will complain about a vacuum leak. Don't plug it thought that's a big nono. My vacuum still sits at 20-22 at idle so that's not a problem.

Boost hits a little earlier and stays rock solid at 9psi where I set it. It used to fluctuate up top at 6000+ rpm.
2010-08-23 17:53:51
That's what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something .

Yup on the covering the hole, big no-no. The good thing about this device is, it wont let vacuum hit the wastegate if you use a post TB airsource.
2010-08-23 18:03:18
Yeah its a very good value imo. No frills, same function, and no headache afternoon eyeballing parts in the Home Depot race aisle.
2010-08-27 20:14:15
yea i agree function over form, these have been proven to work really good, personally i run a ebay mbc and have had no issues at all with it thats saying something. personally i also perfer function over form
2012-04-13 05:09:57
I just picked one up from the link in post #1, it was 19.99 shipped, I made an offer of $16.00 and won right away!

Thanks Vadim!
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