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Thread: A little injector help? (sideways pics)

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2010-08-14 21:40:57
A little injector help? (sideways pics)
Just got these injectors from someone....and the first thing I noticed was the 1 oddball. The 3 look like s13 370cc's, but what's up with the oddball?

Also, the lower o-rings are trashed. Possibly little-to-no lube on install? I'm going to get new o-rings, but what is the easiest way to go about changing them without damaging them? The tan plastic retainers on the pintle caps have most of the little arms missing. Is that a big issue?

2010-08-14 22:55:43
That's an odd ball, even the feeding method is different in it.

As for the plastic caps, they are not needed . I just take a fine point flat head screw driver and pull up and out on the old O-rings.
2010-08-14 23:20:50
All the injectors are 370cc injs. The U12s come with the odd ball inj. The other injs are from U13s W10 and W11s.

This same injs design change can be seen on B14s

The B13s have the odd ball inj in red and the B14s have the newer style injs.

They flow and work the same.
2010-08-15 00:37:21
^^Thanks. That's what I was hoping to hear.
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