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Thread: ssqv causing compressor surge

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2010-09-01 22:42:56
YouTube - Synchronic BOV Subaru WRX

this is a great video as to why the synapse bov is a little bit more superior over all the other bovs, i personally run the ssqv but if i had the spare cash i would get the synapse hands down. great points to the video on the bov.
2010-09-01 22:56:41
What's great about that video, is that it SHOWS you that their anti-stall valve works as intended, in non-recirculated setups. No need for re-circulated piping, or tubes and the like. Just fit the BOV, install the anti-stall option, and BOOST.
2010-09-02 00:18:24
ben thank you for the great explination.

cliff thank you also for your advice and info on the situation.

i do in fact have compressor surge, its very mild compared to the video but i do have it.

synapse is in the future with a aem meth injection kit !

2010-09-02 01:34:52
im gonna say my tial sounds nothing like the brand X in that video which looks like a TIAL, i have no surge issues at all, the tial needs the right spring to work properly

maybe i can get a vid of my car somehow
2010-09-02 13:57:26
well they are negating the tial brand all together some people have no issues with tial they aren particularly saying tial isnt agood bov but just comparing 1 to another, i personally have no issues with my hks ssqv where others might have issue.
2010-09-02 14:14:50
My HKS SSQV works just perfectly and doesnt surge. I dont know what you guys are doing wrong. Have any of you guys with the surge actually taken a look at your BOV to make sure that there are no loose screws or anything like that? When I first got my SSQV I took it apart to see how everything worked in it and then put it back tog and made sure it was sealed up good. Also note that some BOV's made to handle high boost settings will make the compressor surge at low boost settings.
2010-09-02 14:19:42
Originally Posted by BenFenner
pigeons in a wood chipper

Maybe turkeys? Squirrels?

YouTube - loudest dose pipe
2010-09-02 14:20:31
YouTube - Nissan NX2000 with a stock T25 Turbo
My car with the SSQV and a T25. Gives you kinda a clear vid of how it should sound. This is with the windows rolled all the way down. The bov is louder then the exhaust.
2010-09-02 14:36:44
Originally Posted by carfreak240
im gonna say my tial sounds nothing like the brand X in that video which looks like a TIAL
That's because you have the correct spring in your Tial BOV (whether by lucky accident or by design). The people in the video simply have the wrong spring inside. There's nothing wrong with 95% of the BOVs on the market, only the people who install/adjust them.
2010-09-02 14:37:36
Video 7 video by johnnywangwang - Photobucket

Another one. The HKS SSQV should sound like a whip cracking when blowing off hooked up right. You can hear it pretty good here. If I were you guys I would check the vacuum line to your BOV. Also are you guys running the supplied HKS vacuum hose reducer thingy or no? Im not running it even though it comes with teh BOV. Are there any t's in the vacuum line? Is the t too small? ect ect.

Whats yalls vacuum with the car just idleing? and are your vacuum lines zip tied? All you guys who are ready to switch should really be asking why your surging in the first place. The reason is not cause the BOV sucks. Like I said when I first hooked mine up I had a few things wrong and I was getting surge. Then I fixed them. This BOV shouldnt be surging. It should sound like a Whip when it goes off with some real boost (like I can scare people by driving by and blowing off "whip crack" depending on how much boost). And on low boost/part throttle let offs it should sound like a soda can opening. All of this you can hear OVER the whistle.

Loud music stops at bout 3 mins but you can still hear it not surging
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